*The Serious Side


Today I received an email from a lady asking for her help with her 10yr old lab mix. They were so sad to give this incredibly well behaved dog up, but...

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“We hate to do it….”


It took me a bit to sit down and write, simply due to sheer exhaustion, but I knew I wanted to do a dedication, true to my “must talk about how ...

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For the love of Tippy


Not to start off on a sour note, but…it’s been depressing. However, continue reading.      All loving strays in poor condition, minus t...

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This week.

It’s been several days since I posted on Facebook, Twitter and probably one or two of the other social media sites we’re a part of, about ...

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“Tipping” over the edge

As I drove along the two lane road, I said to myself, “It’s almost like I never expected it to happen. I mean, I knew it would, but I didn...

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Life and Beyond

While there is a general definition of animal rescue, rescue is a combination of so many different things. We all know the basic gist of it…save...

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It’s common knowledge that I take in dogs with health problems, those that are aged, or that have a special need.  Along with my Pyrenees, I...

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