Well, apparently my lack of sleep dreamed up a conversation w/the vet b/c I apparently completely misunderstood him. Yes, Nadia’s test did come back negative, but we’re not using the medication that I thought we were…only good strong antibiotics. So, while she’s not out of the woods, I stated the treatment protocol incorrectly, therefore feeling it was necessary to note the correction.

While we were at the vet for the fecal today, Nadia actually ate! It wasn’t a tremendous amount, but it was several treats and she ate aggressively. She also ate some of a “Meal Bone” which probably equaled close to a cup of food. While this isn’t much, it’s still an improvement. In addition – no fever for two days in a row! So, hopefully we’re making progress.

She enjoyed herself at the animal hospital – I think she’ll be quite the social butterfly when she’s feeling better. I hope this proves to be a means to an end…a healthy, vibrant end. Please continue to keep her in your prayers!

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