In my list of loves which is comprised of Great Pyrenees, special needs, black dogs, and the underdog of looks, I also include the extra large dogs in general.  I don’t mean big dogs, I mean BIG dogs.  Dogs that take up as much room in the bed as I do…or more.  Dogs whose paws are the size of my hands.  Dogs that cause you to purchase homes and vehichles around their size….yeaaaaaaaaaaaah…..those elephants.  LOVE them!!!!

You see, to me a 70lb dog is on the smaller size.  I truly enjoy them because they are larger, but the bigger, the better.  My dearest Tatonka was 150lbs and looked about 250.  Sure, there are even larger dogs, but he looked as if nothing could be bigger when you added on his thick coat and long, wavey hair.  His nickname was “Mufassa” because of his tremendous mane and enormous head.  People asked what he was…meaning WHAT he was…unsure if he was canine.  Although I didn’t truly understand this, and I knew some were joking…there were actually some that were serious…I have witnesses.  A Great Pyrenees, Tatonka appeard as royalty, and I loved having him by my side, whether it was watching a movie, in the back yard, cruising down the road in the car, or walking through Petsmart.  He had such a kind and gentle temperament that is typical of the extra large breeds, and I adored him.  Mind you, I adore all enormous dogs, simply because they have a personality all their own, but as my first extra large dog he was special.

You’ve heard the phrase “Gentle Giants” – this was created to describe their true dispositions.  Some people still feel that the dog is TOO big…but oh, the joys that they miss.  What’s so great about them, you ask?  Here’s a list:

1.  You never have to have a heater…a BIG dog will keep you eternally warm when next to you.

2.  If you fall, BIG dogs are great ground breakers.  I speak from experience.  An oversized ball of fur is much softer than a hard floor (although be prepared for a “dumb human” look).

3.  If your car breaks down, you have no worries…you can ride the BIG dog home or wait for the tow truck with no fears…people will avoid you.

4.  BIG dogs are great deterrants if you don’t want your date to come inside.

5.  A Great Pyrenees, for example, adds a flare of drama to your wardrobe with the lovely, flowing hair that sticks to the clothing.  Angora has nothing on you, babe.

6.  If you’re stuck in quicksand, your BIG dog can pull you out, no problem.

7.  Having a BIG dog gives you a reason to drive a SUV.

8.  BIG dogs are attractive to the eye…great way to meet people.

9.  BIG dogs allow you to save money on carpet…just have them lie down.

10.  If you have fattening food on the counter that you dearly want to eat, yet you know you aren’t supposed to, never fear….your BIG dog will eat it for you without lifting a paw.  He or she will simply reach for it, consume, and your problem is solved.

11.  If you need a door stop, your needs are met.  Simply lay your BIG dog in front of it and there’s no fear of your door moving…nor the dog.

12.  If you have trouble sleeping alone in bed, simply allow your BIG dog to crawl up there with you.  They are great snugglers and pillows.

13.  If you’re afraid of storms, BIG dogs provide a great place to hide your head.

14.  If you accidentally drop something and it lands on your BIG dog, no need to worry.  Instead of yelping or crying, the dog will simply look at you like you’re an idiot for dropping it.  No harm done.

15.  BIG dogs save on doggie doors.  Just leave your regular door open and don’t spend the money on the doggie door cut out.

These are only a few of the fabulous benefits of being owned by a big dog.  If you can think of any that I’ve left out, feel free to let me know by leaving a comment.  I will add it to the list so that the world will know BIG DOGS RULE!!!!!

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