This evening, Mother and I were talking about her trip to the doctor due to a bum foot that’s been pretty painful for her the past few weeks.  She visited my dad’s associate, who is also a good friend of the family.  While talking, Dr Choudhary stated “…but we have so much to be thankful for, don’t we?”  Mom was touched and agreed with a tear in her eye. As she told me about their discussion,  she mentioned that he always shares this feeling and has such a positive outlook.  I admitted that we all needed to appreciate our days with the same attitude, but today I just didn’t feel like it w/my fever, cough and runny nose. 😀

I was joking, naturally, but as the evening passed I pondered more and more, and I decided that while we should always express our gratitude and appreciation, the holidays are a time when it seems our hearts absorb it a wee bit more. As a result, I now sit at the computer, black dogs on the left, white dogs on the right, a snack in front of me, ready to express testimonial.

So let’s promptly state the obvious:

I am grateful for my exceptional adopters and gracious donators.

I am grateful for being blessed with the animals that have come through my doors.

I am thankful for the kind, intelligent, veterinarians with their profoundly huge hearts.

Next, the rest:

1) I am thankful for my mother’s and brother’s assistance in helping her Grandpuppies and his nieces and nephews.

2) I am thankful for cheese and crackers that have settled my bloodsugar issues when I’ve been running too much to eat due to the animal errands .

3) I am thankful for brushes made by JW Pet Company that conquer the dreaded “double coat” (they are the absolute best!).

4) I am thankful for an animal’s forgiveness, despite what they’ve gone through, such as Pit Bulls or other animals that are used as bait but still continue to provide not only trust and affection, but devotion. I wish I had such capabilities.

5) I am thankful for sweet tea…er…while transporting dogs to and fro.

6) I am thankful for the Goodwill stores that sell towels and blankets (and the occasional t-shirt or sweatshirt), specifically the one on Haywood Rd that charges $.50 per pound for anything and everything!!

7) I am thankful for the random Pyrenees with a fairly easy coat to groom.

8 ) I am very thankful for Flagyl/Metronidazole and it’s magical abilities.

9) I am thankful for the pounds/shelters that work well with rescue and take good care of the animals, despite what they deal with daily. I highly regard their efforts because, unfortunately, there are many that disregard such care and desire to save lives.

10) I am thankful for Nylabones.

11) I am thankful that Sam’s Wholesale Club and Costco sell Pedigree in larger bags at a reasonable price.

12) I am thankful for this little rubber brushy thingie that wipes off all of the dog hair. It’s blue, has tiny, flexible, hair-like fingers and it works…that’s about all I know.

13) I am thankful that Will came into rescue, despite always being overlooked due to his fears and breed, and that he adores me, takes care of me, and always lets me know how much he loves me with a “paw,” multiple millisecond kisses and wags, an unexpected hug, or a head rub that coincides with his Platypus smile.

14) I am thankful that Toffee has done so extremely well with her food aggression, and doesn’t mind that I continue to mess with her food while she eats…gratefully, she trusts me now.

15) I am thankful for the $9, machine washable dog beds sold by Tractor Supply and that Authority Sports and Outdoors puts them on sale at the same price.

16) I am thankful for baby gates, and that most pyrs, despite their ability to step over them, remain respectful of  “The Gate.”

17) I am thankful for my cameras in a way that most people would find absurd.

18) I am thankful for my opportunity to work with the animal transport, for multiple reasons.

19) I am thankful that Dr. Myers was nonjudgmental of China, the Pit Bull, and that he and the staff fell in love with her, raised money for her wheelchair, and brought her into my life.

20) I am thankful for Noelle’s constant barking that gives me a headache, Dr Awe who fixes the knocking out of my knees because she rams them out of their proper position, and everything attached to them, in her determination to get to wherever she wants to go, as well as her ability to trip me daily…because it means that despite her lack of eyes, she is vibrant, lively and otherwise healthy.

21) I am thankful that even though Grace-A-Rue’s illness and death haunt me still, she was a part of my life and a companion that I loved dearly and miss just as much. I still apologize to her.

22). I am thankful that Dudley always made me laugh and smile while he was with me, causing me to treasure his swaying walk and goofy grin. I’m also thankful that I saw the paw in the sky the day of his passing.

23). I am thankful for those of you who follow my blog and encourage me to continue writing (even when I ramble).

24) I am thankful for ice packs and ibuprofin.

25) I am thankful that my mother has fostered dogs, both long and short term, so that I could rescue more animals.

26) I am thankful the the Great Pyrenees breed (most of the time 😉 ).

27) I am very thankful for bleach, vacuum cleaners, scented candles, spray bottles, and Oust.

28) I am thankful for Pyrs that do not climb over or crawl under fences.

29) I am thankful that I can sit with my mother in Cracker Barrel, etc., and come up with names for future animals, both of us enjoying it wholeheartedly, as well as the other times when she exclaims “I thought of a good name!”

30) I am thankful for those that believe in me when I don’t believe in myself.

I know there’s so much more, but I’m sure all would fall asleep somewhere around #83.  However, in my conclusion I will commit to focusing on a better outlook during a time when things have surpassed difficult. So as I head to bed, I will state that I am thankful for the thermometer that measures my fever stats, Advil that helps lower the fever and aches and pains, the restroom, and my cozy bed, dog hair and all!

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

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