So (forgive me),  today was FINALLY a good fundraiser! **Happy Waggle Dance!!!** We’ve been gift wrapping at Barnes and Noble, and up until today…well, it cost me more to drive there. 🙁

Our first day, as I mentioned prior, we made a whopping $5. The second day we made $26 because (thankfully) a Pyrenees lover dropped in a twenty. The third day we made $8, my volunteer gave us $3, and thankfully, again, another animal lover dropped in $20, totaling $31. Last night we made $9 and some change…admittedly, I was a bit depressed because the two groups before us made $75 and $88.  So, that totaled $71 for 4 days of work. I was feeling quite defeated as Mother tried to lift my spirits at the dinner table. However, today we had a good time slot, and we made $78! I was elated!! Mom and I giggly pranced out of Barnes and Noble, feeling certain that tomorrow would bring even more joy. It was a tremendous feeling! Yipee!!!!! It is possible that I waggled more than Will!

If by chance anyone we met donated and is now reading this blog…THANK YOU! 😀

We did meet some lovely people today and wrapped some spectacular books. One thing I love about wrapping is all of the neat literature and accessories we are able to learn about, for there is such an abundance of knowledge out there! It’s quite fascinating, and it always gives you the opportunity to jabber along with those awaiting their wrapped present, allowing you to meet new people…often opening the door to educate them about animal rescue. We have my laptop sitting on the table, too, advertising (via adorable photos) our adoptable animals, our flier and cards displayed for everyone to see, and some necessary Brach’s peppermints (sweet tea and coffee to the edge of the table, hidden behind whatever can shield it from public view).

So, tomorrow we’ll pray for another productive afternoon. I’m all ready to go and wrap my little pa-too-too off!! (wouldn’t that be a nice way to diet?) So, cross those paws and say those prayers…lots of presents to wrap and donations for Miss Alli’s!!

I hope you all are enjoying your holiday shopping. While you’re out and about, if you see a good cause trying to raise money, please consider dropping in a dollar or so to help them out. It will be a blessing for them and make you feel good, too!

Ho Ho Ho!!!

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