The holidays were quite fun, indeed, and all was enjoyed from the turkey to the gifts. Christmas was, most certainly, a lovely day.

The next morning, however, was a chapter from another book. I woke up grouchy, ornery, frown on my face and just down right felt yucky.  Meh, meh, RARR, RARR, gar, gar, gar, POO! I was a mean ole’ sergeant with a chip on my shoulder after an abundance of barking kept me up all night, only to wake and find SIX (dare I say) “accidents.”  “Good friggin’ morning!” I declared!  I fussed because I had to clean so many “accidents.” I fussed because I was running out of room to put the dirty “accident” laundry. I fussed because I was cold and achy, and I fussed because I wanted caffeine and didn’t have any.  I fussed because one of the puppies nailed my knee and knocked it in the opposite direction (Not Noelle this time!), and I fussed because I saw more holes dug in the yard, the garden hose in pieces, and the lawn mower tarp in the middle of the yard (vs. oh, let’s say…on the lawn mower). I fussed because I had dishes in the sink, and I fussed because I had no fudge for breakfast.  RARR, RARR, RARR, RAAAAAARR!!!!  I. Was. A. Poo poo head.

Happy snaps and smiley faces to Joanne and Glenda who endured the “I’m in a crappy mood” speech and “I’ve had about enough!” broadcast. I made the Scrooge look like a choir boy as I grumbled about and sang “woe is me.” I told the dogs I was going to dump them all at the creek if they didn’t straighten up – they had surpassed naughty for the past few days and skated right on into scoundrels, and I was exhausted from their less than appropriate behaviors. I told my mother that they were all heathens and kept me up all night, therefore falling into the category of  “Evil Mongrels” for the day. I told Toffee that if she didn’t get over here and give me a smoochie I’d call HER a poo poo head, and China better get on her  flippin’ dog bed and get comfortable, dang it, vs. giving it up to the other dogs while she took a moment to chase me into the kitchen and scramble for some velveeta cheese droppings (aka: doggy medicine cheese)! HMPH!!!

I was not pleasant to be around. Happy freakin’ holidays. Blah. RARR, RARR, RARR.  I was tired, my head hurt, and I said the heck with it…I was going to go back to bed because I couldn’t keep my eyes open. That was my executive decision. I needed a nap. HMPH!!

I didn’t go to bed right away, but instead stayed up a few more hours, still in my hellacious mood, simply an abundance of Christmas joy! I had to get a few things done – argh!  More of the “Meh, RARRs and HMPHs!”

It was then I looked down. On the foot stool under my desk was this little naked, stinky hound dog, sitting as pretty as a picture, with her eyes big and expressing  “I’m going to sit here, Mommy, while you work.”

I was given a sedative by the good Lord, and reminded of the beauty in the day.


She still wanted to be by my side, despite my despicable attitude. She would put her front paws on my lap and stick her little head up between my legs and look at me admiringly, back feet still propped on the foot stool. She’d sit in that position for what seemed like a rather lengthy amount of time, but she never faltered. Then she’d snap at the big dogs for getting too close to me (get’em Tiger), hurting Will’s feelings tremendously (“Mom, why is the naked, stinky dog being unkind to me?”). Then she’d look at me pitiful, as if to say “I don’t wanna share you, Mommy. I wuv you. I wuv them, too, but you’re MY mommy). She made me realize how foolish I was acting.

Exhausted still, I finally laid back down with thick, fuzzy socks on my cold toes, puffy blankets on my bed, and a strong desire to be lazy. I walked in my bedroom and watched Will, my Grace, my Mavis, Poppy, Bonnibelle, Noelle, my Lily, and Alli walk in the room. Alli decided the little dogs were just in the way, so she went back into the living room and her favorite spot. The others, however, climbed on the bed (Bonnibelle in her crate) and all snuggled up next to me. I was warm and cozy in my comfy bed, surrounded by those that I loved, and who loved me, regardless of my negative attitude. It was healing. We (I?) turned on the television and watched the end of a movie, but fell asleep before the next one finished the first scene. I awoke to each of them lying as close as they could be to me (minus Noelle, who insists on just claiming the bottom fourth of the bed, no exceptions); Will’s head next to me, Grace’s on my chest, and my Mavis’ head on my hip. I think perhaps Echo was on my feet? I felt good and could have snuggled there for a week.

I was less the El Groucho when I finally crawled out from my nap, very possibly because I just needed some sleep. However, it was so nice to wake up with my “children” curled up beside me, happy as a pig in mud, glad to be snuggled up with their (grouchy) mama.

So the day ended well, much better than it started. However, I explained to them that they were now responsible for cleaning up after themselves, and if they failed to do their chores they’d miss out on Nylabone time (the nerve!!).  I’d also make them sit for their food (oh bother….).  We’ll see how this new rule goes….  I also apologized for my grumpy behavior and told them that I really loved them more than they’d ever know.

When you’re having days where you want to give up…don’t do like I did. Try to stop for a few minutes and take the time to let the frustration go. Look at your baby(s) and remember what they’ve done for you, and how special your life is now that you have them. Then, of course, if necessary and able…take a nap.

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  1. The next time you get cranky, open your website and click on “Success Stories”. Where would they all be WITHOUT YOU!!!!!???????? This is why you put up with the crap….literally!!!…day in and day out. Just look at the fruit of your labor. It IS all worth it!!!! Ask any one of THEM!!!

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