Well, I’m a bit behind due to the holidays and such, but here are some updated photos of Bonnibelle, taken 12/27/09. Dr Shrum was quite pleased with her progress, and she was such a brave little girl for her exam and heartworm treatment (which was NEGATIVE!! Yipee!!! Miracles DO happen! *do a little dance….*). She was also splendid for her nail trim, and even for the bath I gave her on Christmas Eve. Such a strong doggy in such a widdle bitty body. She’s 12.2lbs, down a couple from before, but perhaps due to losing her Ethiopia belly vs. actual weight loss. She’s eating PLENTY, believe me (the little oinker!).

She’s become quite full of herself and doesn’t think twice about bullying, walking over/on, or chasing down the big guys. She is (quite) insistent that she be where I am, and runs around the house and yard as fast as those tiny little legs will carry her…which is impressive, I must say. There is a bit…well, an extreme amount…of separation anxiety and “exclamations of disapproval” at my absence, but we’re working on that to the best of my ability. I’m also investing in ear plugs. 😉

However, I will no longer delay the anticipated photographs of our lovely Bonnibelle…TA DA!!!

(P.S. The nose crust in the photos is gone now! Actually, she’s lost a great deal more of the yuck…now I have to get even more current photos!  Off I go to try and snap more pictures!)

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  1. She looks very beagle-ish, don’t you think?? I have a cat that weighs in at 18 lbs, so she is a tiny one!!

    • Yes, she does look very beagle-ish, I agree. She’s a tad long in the body, so at first I wondered if, by chance, she might have some dachshund in her (even a dachshund lady thought she did – lol), but doc explained that a lot of the field trial beagles have longer bodies. So, it’s possible that she’s purebred. Definitely hound, though! 😉 She is most definitely little bitty, too!

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