Since the weather has been bitterly cold, the little, short haired dogs have been chilly, especially Bonnibelle.  Doc gave the okay to cover her skin, so she is now snuggy in her fancy green sweater (still in her claimed spot, on the foot stool, under the desk).


Poppy also wears a sweater, but she doesn’t care for the camera, so I couldn’t get a good shot. It frightens her for some reason, as sad as it may be. As a result, her photo is a back shot. Still adorable, though!


Then there’s China, of course, who often sports the latest designer fashions due to staying a bit colder than the others pretty much all of the time. This particular fashion statement is a red pea coat.


While I think it would be fantastic to put an adorable sweater or jacket on the Pyrs, it proves to be futile since 1) they already have a heavy duty sweater in their fur, and 2) they don’t make them that big.  So, I have to miss out on the fun. Darn the luck.

But the girls are still precious, aren’t they?

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