If you own a dog, or even a cat, you’ve most likely discussed heartworm disease with your veterinarian. Heartworms are literally worms that live in the heart and arteries of the lungs of animals (in dogs, cats and other mammals, but more commonly found in dogs). The worms are incredibly dangerous to the animal, and an animal suffering from an advanced case will, simply put, die a miserable death.

The sad part is not only how sick they make the animal, but that there is an option to prevent heartworm disease for just a few dollars a month…yet many opt NOT to provide this safety net for their pet(s).

If you’ve ever doubted your veterinarian’s advice on heartworms, or if you think “My dog won’t get it,” or “I’m not going to worry about that stuff…it’s a money making scheme,” then watch this video and wise up. This is a very real and horrible disease, and yes, the worms DO exist, as you’ll see.

This is a graphic video, but it is extremely important to watch and absorb. If you know of anyone that refuses to provide prevention for their dog(s), show them this video and help them understand the importance of prevention. Also, visit The American Heartworm Society for more information, as well as discuss any concerns or questions you may have with your veterinarian.

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