With all that’s been going on lately, I’ve not had the chance to post, nor post our latest rescue (although not the latest-latest, as you’ll soon see).  Meet Miss Shelby – a stunning, affectionate, playful and very intelligent Doberman and-something-brindle mix.


Now I ask you…is this a pretty girl, or is this a pretty girl? She wears her grin twenty four hours a day…just a beautiful, long legged, hugging all of her fans, and strutting her show dog self, Miss Canine America. 🙂

Sadly, Shelby’s owner passed away, so she was brought to the shelter by another family member. I was certain she’d get out, but when her day came…there she sat, in her kennel, awaiting the dreaded needle. Well, darn it…first she looked like my Hogan with her gorgeous brindle coat and happy grin. Second, she was just cute. Third, how sad is it to lose your mother or father, the one that helped mold you into such a loving and joyful girl, and then your extended family take you to death row? It’s not sad, it’s SAD.

I went to meet her and she walked out wagging her tail, prancing, and smiling, only to follow it with kisses.  So, we walked to the reception area, waited for the paperwork, and I was bombarded with kisses and hugs, double time wagging of the tail, and I do believe dancing.

Shelby is pretty much perfect. We’re working on her socializing with some of the females, but I think she’s a bit overwhelmed. Oh yes…and we must not forget the heartworms…BUT OF COURSE she’s positive! Her treatment begins next Monday, the 25th.   Argh.

Have I mentioned that I detest mosquitoes and heartworms? In case I haven’t, I detest mosquitoes and heartworms.

She’ll make an outstanding companion for her new family. You just can’t help but fall for this girl. Can’t wait to see that smile on her face widen when she realizes she has a home of her very own…one that will make sure she never faces a sad moment again. 🙂

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