Well, this has been most discouraging. I have so many photos to share, yet since I updated my blog program, WordPress, I am completely unable to upload photos. I have tried everything, can’t get any resolution, can’t find anyone to help me, and I am extremely frustrated. I have no idea what to do, and I have no idea if I’ll ever get it resolved. So if anyone is a computer wiz and can possibly help, I’d love to have some assistance!

In the meantime, times have been busy. Suzie has finally, after 3yrs, found her new home. Hopefully her new mother will love her as much as I do. It was an emotional placement, as I worry to death about Suzie b/c she’s so incredibly shy, but she has so much love to give someone that I know she can make her new mother very happy after the initial adjustment. She’ll have a sister to play with, who is also a cattle dog mix and just as cute as a button, and they enjoy each other’s company, so hopefully all will go well. She stayed w/me for the weekend while her new mother was out of town, and I’ll take her back tomorrow. I did enjoy these last few extra days with her. She has an enormous heart.

Noelle is on prednisone….that’s fun. She’s always been perfect with her house manners…until she met Mr Prednisone. We’ve since had some major accidents and thanked God for donated towels. I’m amazed at how much she can wee wee…but, if it helps those dawgone ears of hers, so be it. I think she is feeling better in that respect, so that’s always positive. Her poor ears were…well, they were gross. I’d clean and medicate, they’d get better, then I’d check them and shudder at the gook. I finally realized my efforts were futile and she needed to see Dr Brett. She laid in his lap. She kept trying to get closer to him, as if all 80lbs of her lying on top of him was a dramatic distance from him. Thank goodness he loves animals b/c Noelle didn’t give him much of a choice. 😉

I worry about Madison – she seems down. I think it’s because her best friend left (Suzie). She acts fine physically, but if it persists and isn’t the adjustment to her best friend leaving (which she had a terrible time with and actually brought tears to my eyes), or if it’s not the heat, then I’ll get her checked out. She’s so sweet…she walked around and looked for Suzie in her normal places, and slept in Suzie’s kennel when she couldn’t find her…she even stared at the door she walked out of on her way to her new home. How’s that for a mean ole’ pit bull? Not a mean bone in her body…nothing but love is in there.

Oh well – I suppose I’ll continue fighting this dumb error of not being able to upload photos. It’s frustrating when you do all that they tell you to do and it doesn’t work. *sigh… I so want my photos to show…I tend to be a photo-addict, especially when they include cute animals. 😀

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