I need to apologize for being behind on my website. I am in the midst of changing computers, backing up, saving this and deleting that, only to then transfer it all to another computer, all while trying to work and take care of the animals. So, it puts a dent in the day(s) to say the least. However, I will continue to do my best to work efficiently and get that thing current. Sort of defeats the purpose not to, eh? 😉

I will, on the other hand, provide some updates for all of you on our handy little blog. Where do I begin?


IMG00179-20091230-1250_1Fiona is on her last week of heartworm treatment – yeah!! This means as of Monday, February 1, she will be released from her kennel and into the wild blue yonder of her foster home, free and able to rest her her favorite couch (she has 3 to choose from). She has been incredibly wonderful throughout the four week period. She has yet to make a sound or a complaint about staying in her kennel, and promptly goes right in after her potty break, sits down and waits for her treat. Such a well behaved little girl! We’ll get her test done to make sure the microfilaria no longer exist, and she’ll be ready for adoption! So if you are looking for a medium sized dog that without question deserves a fabulous and devoted forever home where she’ll not be beaten and slapped around (poor girl still trembles a bit at quick movements and loud noises), then be sure to let us know! She will make a fabulous companion!

Next we have NADIA:

Nadia lovely_1

Nadia is doing quiet well…and she’s also adorably naughty. The two things that have developed with Nadia are (1) She’s finally starting to show some weight gain! She plays so incredibly hard with her foster sisters that she’s been difficult to put weight on…however, I noticed today that she’s starting to grow a belly, so I was quite pleased. Her coat is filling out, and before too long she’ll be enormous and fluffy. 🙂 She is also quite the puppy (2), despite her size…it makes it easy to forget that she’s under a year old and still a baby! Most often I find her ripping this blanket or tearing this towel, counter surfing, or running through the house with my clothes while I’m in the shower.  Nadia feels it necessary to put her stamp on everything…stamp equaling her teeth marks and ability to shred something.  She has also mastered the art of “What?” This includes a look in her eyes of sheer innocence, a slight tilt of the head, and a droopy face expressing complete bewilderment as to why in the world I’d ever tell her NO! She’s infuriatingly cute. She also wags her tail in any situation, good, bad or slightly fiendish. This little girl has character, that’s for sure! Simply irresistible!


shelby vet_1

This little prissy pot ALWAYS wears this same expression – a barn door grin; Huge and always open. It’s generally followed by her tongue pasting a kiss on your face and a hug. She is one happy girl that has striking good looks to back it up. If there was ever a New York model in our rescue, Miss Shelby is the one. Her top notch class, sleek figure, shiny brindle coat, beautiful smile and long legs are what the  Wilhelmina Modeling Agency is looking for, without doubt.

Shelby had her initial work up for her heartworm treatment, and all went well. Her heart and lungs look great, bloodwork perfect, etc. They kept trying to get a urine sample from her but she insisted that hugging, kissing and snuggling was actually more fun, so they should concentrate on that instead. All Shelby wanted to do was socialize!  She is one lovey, wants to prance, pretty lady. Her charm only makes her even more gorgeous. But I digress… Her work up was a great success, however. Unfortunately, this also works against her. In a nutshell, the pharmaceutical company that produces the heartworm treatment medication (Immiticide) is behind in production, so we cannot get the medicine right away. As a result, Shelby will have to be on Heartguard for a couple of months before we can begin treatment. Sadly, this means she’ll not be able to be adopted for that much longer, but we’ll keep her safe, sound and happy in the meantime. I suppose it just means that it’s saving her for the right family. Shelby is an outstanding dog that will be a joy in her forever home.


bonnibelle 6wks_1

How ya like them apples??  This is how Miss Bonnibelle looks currently, 6 weeks into rescue. This photo was taken at her doctor’s visit…which wore her out because it intimidates her, and she gets a wee bit frightened. She is very brave, however, and is extremely well behaved for her exams and treatments. During this visit she had another skin scrape to see where we were with the treatment of her demodectic mange. She did have one little live mite on her slide, so that just means that we’ll need to continue with her medication for another month. I’m sure at the end of the month there won’t be any live ones, and she’ll be free at last of the little varmints! As you can see, however, despite a few spots that are still in need, she has the majority of her body covered in hair! She’s simply beautiful! She is also full of herself and quite vibrant in her daily activities. Little Bonnibelle can run like lightening and tell off anyone in a skinny minute. She loves to play and has the time of her life running around the house or the backyard as fast as her little Nancy Sinatra boot legs will take her. She also loves to bite the big dogs and pretend she’s beating them up. They are kind enough to let her think she’s doing just that, lying there and accepting the abuse. She’s getting snugglier every day and slowly working past her fears of past abuse. She is a jolly, energetic little girl! (Okay, so you can’t see it in this photo…but she really is!)



Arnie is doing well. He has had to battle with some serious arthritic pain, but the anti inflammatory has done wonders for him. He is much more mobile and enjoys walking around the backyard in the sunshine. He has also even tried to jump in the car! Granted, I had to help him, but his pain has lowered tremendously, giving him spunk and more energy. He’s not completely up to par, however, as he has an upper respiratory infection that we’re treating. Poor fella had a runny nose, a nasty cough, and he was lethargic. We visited doc a couple of days ago, however, and he prescribed some stronger medication. He’s already responding and no longer has that blasted snotty nose. His cough is even dying down a bit. So, before long he’ll be 100% and relaxed even more.

His fear and pain caused him to be a bit nippy at first, but he’s made a 180 degree turn around now that he’s received the pain medication. It breaks my heart to know that he walked around in such intense physical suffering for so long…Lord only knows how long. It’s such a relief to me, let alone him, to have the meds in him to lessen the agony. Since the meds he’s never been nippy, so it was obvious he was hurting. He is learning a touch can be gentle and comforting vs. hitting and fear. He still jumps, but he isn’t jumping quite as high, and we have even managed to pet him without the jerking away a few times. I’m still very angry with his previous owners, yet grateful that they were spineless enough to get rid of him so that he could find some kindness. While seeing Dr Shrum, Arnie jumped and jerked hard when Dr. Shrum slightly moved. You could see the sadness in doc’s eyes and his heart ache for Arnie. He pet him on the head, and Arnie just looked at him with those huge eyes. Our boy will learn…hopefully one day before he dies he’ll know without question that he was loved and didn’t have to be afraid. That is my goal. In the meantime he’s enjoying soft cushy beds, lots of baby talking and an overabundance of petting. 🙂 Even some smoochies and a few Nylabones!

I think that is the latest and greatest. However, if I realize that I’ve inadvertently omitted something, I’ll be sure to post it right away (I need to see if I’ve posted Preston’s heartworm news, but if not, I’ll be back with it!). It’s been hectic and sometimes overwhelming these past few weeks, but we are moving right along. We have some fantastic sweeties in this rescue, and I am honored to receive their kisses and hugs. I’m a little surprised that more haven’t been adopted, but hopefully that will change in time. Quite frankly, our babies are good babies, and whoever ends up being blessed with them will be thankful that they’re a part of their lives.

I know I am. 🙂

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