I realized today, as I thought of all that I have fallen behind on, that I’ve not posted in some time. True, the computer change has been a pain in the pa-too-too, but in addition to that I’ve been in bed (shocking, isn’t it?). I’ve had what I’m guessing is, the flu turn head and chest junk…perhaps now evolving into bronchitis. Always something exciting. Who knows, but I’ll find out if the fever doesn’t go away. It’s staying at a low grade, and I’m waiting on the antibiotic to take it’s course, so perhaps tomorrow it will no longer be in existence. This is only my 3rd day on it, so we’ll give it some time to kick in. If not, I’ll see the doc (bleck…I’m so not a good patient). I also did something else to my back, yet my doc is out of town (he’s got nerve, doesn’t he?). So, I was icing and resting that for a few days before the head/chest junk took affect. Fortunately he’ll be back tomorrow, so I’ll mosey on over to have him fix me.

So, that’s the whiny reason for being so negligent on the blog posts. I’ve spent many days curled up in bed with the dogs and the Hallmark channel…and I do believe if I watch another Hallmark movie it may cause Mayhem. The dogs have been both good and naughty, but they’ve been awful snuggly. Miss Bonnibelle is the one that makes sure she’s touching me in some form or fashion.  Typically like this:


However, there are many more that opt to accompany me during my restful days of watching television. For instance, here is a sample…albeit not a perfect one, as obviously they were bored with the movie.


The others have circled the bed or enjoyed the lovely weather we’ve been having. It’s been stunning here with the sunshine and fabulous temperatures. I’ve not enjoyed it much while in bed, yet still it’s beautiful and the dogs are happy with it. I only hope it is present when I can actually meander outside myself.

So I will return and be more active in my animal blogging. We have many pictures still in need of posting and continued stories of the clan. I hope all of you are doing well and not experiencing any difficulties. If so, grab your furry friend and cuddle…it always makes it better. :0)

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