I was sitting here at my computer, ready to write a blog post, and I stopped, stared at the laptop and said “Wait…what am I going to write??”  I was thinking…”I have so much to catch up on – must blog!!!” but I am having a difficult time remembering what I”m supposed to update you on. Oops.

So, let’s just go down the line and make it easy….


IMG_0936 Miss Honey has been in a frustrating battle of the bulge. She’s suffered through many bags of “R/D” (low fat/calorie, high fiber)…although she’s wolfed it down within seconds and has never complained while sitting, staring and expecting her bowl full, so perhaps it’s not exactly “suffering.” Regardless, she’s been trying her best to shed her extra weight around her midriff. Much to our dismay, she continues to waddle.

So, we made a quick trip to the vet for some treats…er…um…bloodwork to check her thyroid. She managed to hang tough during the visit, the needle poke, and the mounds of petting and smooching that smothered her, and even a low fat doggy biscuit or two…such a trooper. We learned that medication would benefit her thyroid levels, so she began her Soloxin that evening. As a result, she is now on Heartguard and Prednisone for those blasted heartworms, forced to eat “healthy” food, and is now on thyroid medication. She’s also been instructed that she can no longer did her hole in the backyard. It’s been a tough ride…but she perseveres….


IMG_4279_1 Oh, Silly Willy…what am I going to do with you? Well, we’re close to making him a Sanctuary dog. He’s such an incredibly loving and sweet boy, but he has such special needs. I’d love for him to find a home of his very own, being doted on and adored, learning new tricks, as well as being more exposed to the outside world and kind people (even though he could care less about it as long as his mommy is around)…but in 3yrs his fears have interfered with his opportunities. He’s so good to us and so big hearted…hugs and kisses nonstop and happiness galore. We’ll see if in the next little bit the perfect home comes along, but if not, he’ll have a forever home with Miss Alli’s and a permanent rescue in our Sanctuary. We love him and his hundred mile an hour waggle, and without question appreciate his snuggles. He’s such an incredibly good boy…I’d love to beat the individual(s) that embedded so much fear into him.

Bonnibelle and Nadia:

IMG_8749I love, love, LOVE this photo because of the “You expect me to do WHAT?” look they both have mastered. Is this sass or what?? Two beautiful ladies who obviously know they’re stunning and can get their way.

Bonnibelle, as you can tell, is looking lovely! Her hair is coming in nicely and she’s as vibrant and active as a pup. She feels GREAT and isn’t afraid to pump you up so that you’ll feel as good as she does! She flies around the yard with the big dogs chasing her (I’ll post a video sometime soon), and they chase her around every nook and cranny. She LOVES it!  She is ruthless to the dogs, though, biting, climbing on, and pulling out their hair. They are most tolerant of her feisty ways (luckily), and they let her get away with mass murder. She’s a mess…a huge, cuddlebug, naughty mess! But gosh…doesn’t she deserve to be after all that she’s been through?  She does love to snuggle, though, be it with you or another dog. She’s also making progress on her separation anxiety, which is great!

I am behind on her photos for the website, but will post those as soon as I can. They include proof of her sweet, snuggly side.

Nadia is doing well, too, but I’m a bit concerned that she’s not gaining weight. We had a doctor visit, which provided us with some meds, and we’ll recheck her in about 2 1/2 weeks. If no weight gain then we’ll do some bloodwork. I’m hoping it’s minor, but please say a little prayer for her that we’ll get past this quickly and put on some much needed weight.


IMG_0969Sweet, sassy and incredibly adorable, Miss Fiona is doing great! She’s had some trouble holding her potty, however, so we took her into visit with doc, as well. She’s now on some medication and has already improved, so it was probably just some naughty bacteria making her urinate more than usual. I have to tell you that this darling girl is absolutely irresistible. She is such a happy, waggy, little princess that is a prissy little lady. I have taken a gazillion photos of her, and none of them seem to do her good looks justice. However, they’re still cute, and she always throws her head back as if she were in a modeling shoot. I will post them on the site to promote her beauty as soon as I can sit down and update it…I’m still behind on the website, but plan to get to it shortly. Miss Prissy Pants will steal someone’s heart right away, no doubt! She’s OH MY GOSH cute!!!


IMG_8783Well, this sass-a-frass has taken Bonnibelle on as her very best friend. They constantly play and wrestle, and Bonnibelle is the ONLY dog that Shelby will let near her toys, crate, etc. She is head over heels for Bonnibelle! It truly is an adorable site to see them play, cuddle and smile together.

Shelby had a BALL when it snowed. I will post a video of her playing at a later date, but she ran, and ran, and ran, and ran….she couldn’t get enough of it (Oh – it’s on Facebook if you are a Miss Alli’s Fan)! The shortest haired dog I have, yet she wants to stay out in the snow while the Pyrs want inside because they don’t want to get their feet wet. Silly doggies. I had to drag her inside, though, or she’d of charged through the snow and trekked around the yard all night!

We’ve still not been able to get her heartworm treatment started, due to the pharmaceutical company and their slow production, but hopefully we’ll be able to do it soon. She is such an incredibly wonderful and happy dog with such an enormous amount of love that she’ll be the apple of her adopter’s eye. She is truly just superb…and not to mention stunning in the looks department! So, we anxiously await the ability to do her treatment. Say a prayer that we are able to have it done soon so she can get rid of those silly worms and find her forever home.


IMG_5574_1Sweet boy…he’s had a few inquiries but no forever home as of yet. He’s come so very, very far…I’m just incredibly proud of him. He’s turned into a handsome bundle of love that dwells on your love, adores Nylabones and just likes to be near you. He enjoys good romps in the backyard, and likes to tell you about his day. He is another of the nonstop waggler boys, always wiggling that body with a smile on his face. It’s been a long haul for him, but he’s climbed mountains and turned into a wonderful boy. Not to mention…GORGEOUS.


Toffee…is tubby (Sorry, sweetie, but you are…).  Beautiful, though!!! Just look at that Joker grin!


The others are doing well, too. The puppies are shedding/blowing coat for the first time…my babies are growing up! 😉 Poppy and Arnie continue to trot right along. Arnie isn’t quite that active, but he seems to be holding his own. Poppy has found her voice and isn’t afraid to use it! Alli, China, Noelle and Anna are all in the tubby department, too, filling their days with a good nap and food. Preston continues to tell the cars that travel down the road that they are not welcome because he is a Great Pyrenees…a Guardian dog…Ruff!! He thinks they listen when the continue their travels. I give him that…it seems to please him.

I’m doing much better physically. Doc fixed my back, and I finally broke my fever. I still have the head and chest stuff that seems never ending, but hopefully that will soon subside. I will continue to play catch up and get the website current, as well as keep up with the posts. I actually have 4 blog posts in the making…hehe. One day I’ll actually finish them! In the meantime, feel free to follow us on Facebook and contact us with any questions!

Have a wonderful day!

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