Today included taking Miss Bonnibelle to the vet for her 2nd skin scrape. We said big prayers on the way that she’d have no live mites…and she had none! Yipee!!! This is wonderful news!  We will continue her medication for another 4wks, but after that we should be able to spay her and find her a fanTABulous home. She has also gained weight and is up to 16.5lbs, which was good news, as well. She’ll need just a couple more to be perfect.

All in all, doc said she looked wonderful and everyone ooooh’d and ahhhh’d over her.  She was terrified, poor thing, but she did very well and was brave for her skin scrape. Everyone was excited that she had no more mites, so they all told her how beautiful she looked!

I am still behind on updating the website, but here’s a photo of the pretty girl today at the vet (11wks after coming into rescue). Will post the many more I have soon, I promise!  Isn’t she a cutie patootie??


I’m a bit behind on the story of Mr. Jingles (surely you jest!), but Mr Jingles is a feral cat that Jonathan, the Miss Alli’s VP, has been working with for around a year. He’s a very handsome black tabby that slowly gained trust in Jonathan, and became very affectionate toward him. After a life of being a stray tomcat, it was nice to hear he’d grown so much!

Unfortunately, Jonathan found that Mr. Jingles had a swollen face that was even affecting his eye. Poor fella was obviously in much pain, so Jonathan spent 2 hours one morning trying to get him into a crate so that we could get him to the vet. He finally succeeded and rushed him to the doctor prior to squealing his tires on the way to work. 😀 A not so happy Mr. Jingles ultimately found himself in a room full of strangers and utterly terrified, literally climbing the walls. It was sad to see him so afraid, but we simply needed to take care of his abscess.


Doc treated the abscess and Mr. Jingles went home and rested in a confined area. It was difficult for him since he’d always been a tomcat, but it was necessary so his wound would heal. We all made sure he was pet daily and baby talked. We took him back for a recheck, and he did wonderfully!  He was afraid and trembled, but he did very well…we were all so impressed!  Afterward, we made him a larger area to continue his recovery, and allowed his healing time prior to his neuter. He still doesn’t think much of us, but we’ve certainly been trying.


Yesterday he was neutered, and truthfully… he wasn’t all that happy about it. 😉 He’s had a rough few weeks after an abscess, being confined, strange people, and now this neuter, but hopefully now he’ll be on the road to learning that life as a pet can be a lovely thing. It will take some work, but hopefully he’ll come around…I really feel that he will, especially because he was so loving before. Jonathan will continue to work with him, and hopefully he’ll learn to warm up to people so that we can find him a loving home. If anyone is interested in a sweet boy that could use a little extra love, just let us know! He’s awful handsome!


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