Just wanted to share that Bonnibelle’s page has been updated, and Fiona’s has been added!

Bonnibelle is really coming along nicely, and we are quite proud of her. She has no more mites, and after about 3 more weeks of medication she should be able to be spayed so that she can find her new home!  She is doing much better in her crate and doesn’t even yell at me when I leave. 🙂 She still barks when excited about dinner, but she’s come so far by accepting that I’m leaving! She also sleeps well through the night, snuggled in her bed inside of her crate. She’s completely bonded with Shelby, and Shelby is head over heels for Bonnibelle. They are basically joined at the hip! It’s such an odd couple, but they are absolutely precious! I have some videos to post of the two of them, and when I do I’ll be sure to let you know. Here is the link to her page:

Bonnibelle’s page!

Fiona’s page is now up, as well, including both photos and a video. She is SUCH a great little darling…you cannot help but just adore her! She constantly makes you smile and is just as cute as a button with her happy wag. Here is her link…watch her video at the bottom of the page until the end. It will make you chuckle!

Fiona’s page!

Shelby still hasn’t been able to start her heartworm treatment but we’re crossing our paws that it will come soon. On a good note, however, everyone has enjoyed the lovely weather we’ve had lately, and they have played, played and played more! I have several photos that I will post soon.

My poor aunt had collarbone surgery, so I’ve been assisting her and my mother, but I will post the photos in the next few days. We sure do have some cute doggies in rescue, so I need to make sure I show them off!

Here’s hoping you’re enjoying the beautiful sunshine and a wonderful weekend ahead!

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