As stated in my previous post, adventures lurk around the corner. We’ve had lots of interesting things going on here!

First, Miss Nadia has found her forever home! She is now living with a lovely family, including two doggy brothers – a Great Pyrenees and Great Pyrenees mix that are incredibly sweet dogs (also adopted from rescues!).  Her new daddy states that she’s taken on the role of Sheriff and is patrolling the area appropriately. I am very happy for her and her new life! Go Nadia!!

Nadia en route to meet her new family.


Second, Abraham has found his forever home! And guess who it’s with?!!? Miss Maleah and her family! Yes, it’s true! He will be living with sassy Maleah and her adorable lab mix brother, Maddox. He met them last Friday and they all enjoyed a romp in the backyard with lots of attention. Even Honey and Fiona jumped in for a bit and received some luvins’. Abraham will join his new family on the 21st after their return from a family vacation. I am so incredibly joyful for him finally finding a home, especially one as wonderful as this one. He will be very happy, and so will they…as long as he doesn’t pull their arms out of socket when he sees a bird. hehehe!!!!

Here is Abraham, Maleah and Maddox (and Honey underneath)…such a beautiful family!


So, both adoptions are a blessing for both dogs, and I couldn’t be happier!

Waiting in the wings, however…well, actually sitting here in the house prior to the departure of the adopted dogs…are two new sweeties. We now have another beautiful Great Pyrenees girl named Princess Amelia, and a sweet old Boston Terrier girl named Emmy Lu.

Princess Amelia is exactly that…a princess! She’s a wonderful specimen of the breed with lots of kisses, hugs, and character, and she’s good with other dogs, very well mannered indoors, and pretty much prefect. She is sassy and SUCH a girl! She immediately fell in love with my Hogan, and has decided that her new best friend is Bonnibelle. She just can’t get enough of Bonnibelle (who is now getting  a taste of her own medicine, as a result!). Amelia is just beautiful and has a stupendous disposition. Unfortunately…take a big guess…she has heartworms. So, now we have two to treat…Amelia and Shelby. Hopefully Merial, the medication manufacturers, will soon have everything back on track and we can get the girl’s treated. They are too wonderful not to have their forever homes smooching all over them!

Here is Amelia…you can see the sass!


Miss Emmy Lu is a darling girl, as well. She definitely has some age on her, probably 12 or so, but she still has spunk!  She has one bad eye and is deaf in the opposite ear, but she’s as precious as they come.  You just cannot help but hold her in your arms and smooch all over her!

Now is this adorable or what?? Meet Miss Emmy Lu:


You’re probably wondering what the 1/2 is, correct? Well, that’s Sam. Sam is a Golden Retriever mix that is staying with us for a few days before going to another rescue. He’s a big, goofy, happy, luvy duvy boy that also has heartworms (surely, you jest!?!). He will be neutered shortly and moving along to the rescue that is taking him into their program, but he had to get past kennel cough prior to his neuter. So, he’s hung out here for a few days and will go to them shortly. He’s a very handsome and very sweet, sweet boy. He loves to hug!



Guess who’s completely free of those nasty mange mites??  Yes sirree! Miss Bonnibelle is now completely free of demodectic mange and will be spayed as soon as we can get her in. After that feel free to knock down the doors to adopt her and all of her spunky cuteness! She’s up to 18lbs and looking great! I’ll post more current photos on the website soon, but here she is now!


Lastly…guess who finally tested negative for heartworms??? HONEY!!!! Yipee!!!!! This is magnificant!!! We were all so incredibly thrilled to hear the good news.  Now, as soon as we get some money in, we’ll take another x-ray of her heart and lungs to see where they stand. They were pretty beat up and ugly earlier, hence why we couldn’t do the 2nd heartworm treatment/shot, so we need to see where we stand now and what’s going on with her heart. Everyone cross their paws that by some miracle she’s improved and will not face more issues in the future. She’s doing amazing, and is fat and happy…actually a little too fat, but we’re working on that, too. She’s on thyroid medication, and she’s lost about 7lbs total, but she’s still tubby. We’ll continue to work on that weight loss thing. 😉


Oh wait…here is a photo of Fiona, simply b/c she’s so darn adorable! This is her laying it on thick with Maleah & Abraham’s “sister.” She’s such a lover girl.


SO – all has been busy but we’ve had some nice things happen. Now if we can just receive that million dollar check in the mail…. 😉

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