Today was a hectic one, as it followed several weeks of nonstop running around like a chicken lacking its noggin’.  Toward the end of the day I had to pick up Sam from his neuter – the sweet boy staying with me for a short time until he can move into his rescue. All went well with his surgery, and he was ready to go and get the heck out of that place when I arrived (not that I blame him). We loaded up into the car and headed home.

It was then that I listened to a message on my voicemail about a dog abandoned at an empty home for rent.  The house was completely empty and was being shown for new tenants, and the house that was next to it was empty, as well. The gentleman was concerned for the dog but was unsure if he should approach it. He told me it was tied up, thin, had empty bowls lying next to it, and an Igloo. The dog was on the deck, in the cold and shivering.

I contacted the proper people who will make sure the animals are checked upon first thing in the morning. I thought all night about this dog, however, and how it’s times like these when you wish the law was on your side, allowing you to take the animal to safety. However, laws are laws, as is protocol. All I could think about was this poor dog, living at an empty house, tied up with nobody around.  It made my heart hurt.

This is such a common story. People move, leave their animals, and the animals are supposed to fend for themselves. You’d be amazed by the number of individuals that feel this is a logical thing to do. I am perplexed as to 1) why the ever got the animal, and 2) why they think it’s okay to abandon them in such a way…especially tied up with no way to get away from predators, unkind people, or search for food, safety or warmth. Can you imagine someone doing that to them? Can you see the news and the lawsuits that would cover the pages of magazines and newspapers? It would be considered inhumane to abandon a human, yet with animals it is viewed as no big deal.

I drove through some small towns the other day and wondered to myself…what happens to the animals in smaller, low income towns that consist of only a few thousand people or less? There’s no humane society, perhaps not even an animal control…and I’m sure the law is taken into their own hands. I had to stop myself and literally focus hard on something else to eliminate the thought of what most likely takes place in the lives of these animals.

It got me in the mode of why people shouldn’t have animals. My “preachin’ mode” came out. If you don’t want that lifetime commitment, another being to care for, and the responsibility of another life, do NOT get an animal. If you’re going to tie it up and never feed it, do NOT get an animal. If you are going to decide you don’t like it one day, do NOT get an animal. If you want to use it as a weapon, you be the target for practice.

I know almost all of you reading this do not view animals in such a way, and for that I’m thankful. Yet in a world as cruel as this, many do. Note that I’m not stating they all have to have their nails painted and eat from crystal bowls, but they deserve joy, medical care, safety and love. So, I’ll ask all of you once again…if you know of someone who is considering a pet without properly and thoroughly looking at the situation and commitment, discourage them from getting the animal. If you know a breeder that will give a dog to any Tom, Dick or Harry, then discourage their breeding and remind them that if they love the breed so much, they can do good things for the breed by simply participating in rescue. If they’re doing it for money, let them know they won’t make any…that’s one reason so many litters end up in pounds. Preach to those who are in it for themselves, be it a fad or for money. Teach children the truth about having a pet and how to treat and not treat an animal.

Speak for those that have no voice.  Help us end this terrible war of desertion, cruelty, and neglect. Put on that rescue hat and chat for the animals. Believe me…they will be grateful!

2 thoughts on “Thinking

  1. Thank God for people like you!!! The thought of anyone being cruel to an animal crushes my heart!! Your post literally brought tears to my eyes! You must be a very strong loving lady! I fear I would not have the “strength” to witness all that you do and not be able to “fix” it all…..Bless you!

    • Thank you so much, Donna. I don’t know that I’m strong, but I am bullheaded, ;), and I do love the animals.

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