“Why,” you ask?  I have no clue.

“How,” you ask?  Princess Amelia has an odd fondness for dunking her entire head into the buckets of water. She apparently thought the mud puddle was equally as appealing, making a point of doing so before it’d completely drained out (shortly before I’d dug a line to drain out the enormous hole constructed by the Pyrs).

She’s lost Princess status and is now simply Amelia.


2 thoughts on “Spa Treatment

  1. I think there may need to be an “official amendment” to the Pyrenees Breed traits…one that somehow mentions the absolute love of having ones head and undercarrige covered with mud..Our first Pyr LOVED it and our third LOVES it..However, our Chloe get to remain among the royalty as she will seemingly “tip-toe” through or around the mud… They are so WONDERFUL…YOU GOTTA LOVE ‘EM (clean or dirty!) !!!

  2. When I saw that gorgeous mud-covered face, I was reminded of our Cock-a-poo, Coco. She passed 20 years ago, but she LOVED dunking her face in the water. Many a rock was “dived after” in Lake Lanier…she just loved water, snow, mud, you name it…what a JOY it was to see Miss Amelia’s face.

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