Silly Willy

This is my sweet Will. Will is one of the most loving dogs I’ve ever met. I never knew it was possible for a dog to kiss someone that many times in one sitting. I also never knew it was possible for a dog to wag his body so hard that he can’t sit down w/o propelling across the floor. Yep, this is one happy and extraordinary loving boy.

I call Will my little Platypus b/c of his silly grin. In case you’re wondering, he does indeed look like a Playtpus when he holds his head up and puts his paws on your lap, or when he gives you a hug. His mouth remains closed but the tips of his lips in back curl up, and his mouth gets all wrinkly. His eyes half shut and he looks as if he’s in total bliss, paws on your, tail wagging, big grin on his face. It’s absolutely adorable…and looks like a Platypus. So now when I ask “Where’s my little Platypus??” Will comes waggling up to me, gives me a hug, Platypus grin in place.

Will wags so hard that I often have to doctor his tail b/c it bleeds. It’s a shame to be so happy and get a sort of punishment for it, don’t you agree? He doesn’t care, however, and he just keeps wagging.

Will’s heart is huge, but he is still very afraid of people, especially men. When Will came into rescue, he looked like this:

Will day 1

The sad part about this is someone allowed this to happen…a so called owner or parent to Will. At the pound he was sick and sad, and his depression became significant. He was fine w/the gentleman at the pound b/c they were kind to him. He warmed up to the veterinarians who treated him, and although afraid, he’s been fine with men in PetSmart and males who have stopped by the house (probably b/c he realizes everyone is getting attention but him, and he can’t let it happen!). Overall, however, he’s afraid of them, and I often wonder if it was a man who mistreated him…seems pretty obvious. I am anxious for my brother (major animal sap) to work with him so he can see that not all men are unkind.

Sometimes I wonder if this sweet boy will ever find a permanent home b/c of his fears. I’ll continue to work on them, and he’ll forever be safe in rescue if not, but just think of how nice it would be for someone to come along and give him a chance, take the time and patience required to gain his trust, show him love and watch him waggle. Of course it’d have to be someone that enjoys his Platypus smile. 😀 He has so much love, so much joy, and such incredible devotion to those he loves that he’d surely bless someone’s life. Just ask his Grandma! …The boy loves his Grandma….

Silly Willy is a sweetheart…he makes me laugh all the time. One day I’ll be able to catch the Platypus smile on camera, hopefully, and share it with everyone. I think it’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen a dog do…as well as him propelling across the floor from his tail wags.  I’d love to see in swim!

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