One thing I forgot to mention in my last post –

If you remember in my post about Will, he is very afraid of men.  Well, he was indeed terrified of my brother when he first walked into the room.  He even growled because he was so horribly afraid, 🙁 , and he trembled so incredibly hard that the kennel shook.  He was utterly terrified.  Well, after a few short hours of intermittent interaction, he absolutely LOVES my brother!  He gave him lots of wags and kisses, and even walked right up to my dad and kissed him, as well!  He wasn’t afraid of his Aunt Crystal either when she stopped by for a visit, even through the stress of the move.  He wagged and whipped that tail across her leg as if he’d known her forever.  Happy boy!

We are quite proud of our little Platypus!  (Although we are trying to help him understand that the growling from fear is not acceptable or desired.  He looks at me very pitifully when I tell him it’s wrong.)

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