Well, I do have good news in the sense that I should have my internet access in about a week and a half.  So, be prepared for lots of fun photos of the varmints.  They have been really easy going about all of this, and have calmed me when I was most frustrated or upset.  They’ve been a bit naughty, too, of course…I suppose to add some spice to my life.  😉 

So, as many things fail yet again, such as the drier connection, the sun starts to shine with the thought of spreading my animal photos to everyone, bombarding their email boxes with lots and lots of pictures, allowing them to think “Lordy, Alli needs a life!”  Perhaps this will be the begining of a downhill slide into problems solved, and things will slowly get back to normal.  I must say I never valued a washing machine and drier as I do today…especially when you have several animals around the house. 

Here’s to cute animal pictures!

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