Well this was certainly a fun event! We had SUCH a good time!

We were fortunate enough to be provided with a beautiful day at a delightful pet store for our bake sale. The Miss Alli’s crew set up at Saluda River Pet Supply in Simpsonville, SC – fantastic store – and each of us made some delectable goodies to sell. We had lots of variety, from peanut butter cookies to lemon squares to cupcakes to trail mix. Kathy, one of the volunteers, set them out in a display with little signs to designate each item, making us look super organized (which we know I’m not, so I loved this!). Then we put the big donation jar behind them! 😀

There were 7 humans at the sale, and I brought 4 of the dogs – Kiley, Kala, Poppy and Bonnibelle. All but Poppy were shy at first, unsure of what we were doing there. Even worse, why couldn’t they have a cookie?  Poppy didn’t care – she loved the people and was ready to socialize, smile in place.

I set up a second table that held our literature, and we had a big tent with a sign…that we ended up not using, but that’s okay, it looked good. 😉 We had great shade under the front of the store, and they let us walk the dogs around inside to cool them off or socialize (minus Bonnibelle, who preferred to be carried), so we had a nice little set up. We took turns holding dogs, and as you’ll see below, rotated laps, as well. The canine girls all ended up enjoying themselves, I think, and it was good for them to meet multiple people since they were timid. They certainly got a lot of  “She’s adorable!” or “What a beautiful dog!” or “I love her head tilt!”  Shortly after starting they relaxed quite a bit and did very well, especially since it was their first time ever to experience an outing such as this.

We really had an enjoyable day. The store and it’s employees were so easy to work with and made every effort to help us. We met lots of people, the dogs got a great deal of affection, and we sold lots of tasty treats. We made over $300 and got 4 bags of dog food! I was so pleasantly surprised! It’s already spent, but who cares? It was a spectacular amount for a bake sale and helped us! Yipee!!

Thank you to everyone that came out to see us and provide their support. We were so pleased with the results. My volunteers were incredible and worked hard, and I was so proud of them. They have been a tremendous support system since joining my efforts, and even let dogs slobber and crawl all over them.

Below are some photos of the event for you to enjoy, including some after shots of some tired doggies!  Click the photo if you’d like to see a larger view.

0 thoughts on “Bake Sale…Success!

  1. Congrats!
    So glad to hear it was a success!!
    But, I can’t believe we missed it!!
    Sorry, we did not hear about the “new” date!
    The goodies look wonderful and so do the Pups!!!

    • We actually had it the same day & didn’t postpone it. It turned out to be nice weather. Sorry I forgot to mention it – everything was so last minute b/c of the weather change that I totally forgot.

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