Although I’m still awaiting my DSL installation, I have flooded my mother’s computer with some photos taken on my cell phone (Please ignore the unpacked boxes and such).

Layla, Johnny and Hogan like the big shaded trees.

Johnny makes sure to break in a rug…sort of a new house initiation??

I am apparently ignorant to the fact that a cat likes a good bone, too.

As you can tell, Lewis is most devastated and struggling through the move….it’s a shame he can’t find anywhere to sleep.

She’s worked hard, you know….

“I’m helping Mom by slobbering on all the appropriate places!” Not a whole lot stresses Burton out.

This is my cat, Baker….you can see why I fell in love. 🙂

Apparently we have a “chair competition” going on, as well as a “Blanket blow out.”  Never attempt to stack blankets with pets around…just an FYI.

More to follow as soon as I can. 🙂

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