I am so excited about this idea! I’d jokingly made a comment about recycling dog hair on Facebook, and my friend, Lisa, told me about this site (she’s so resourceful!). The charity is “Matter of Trust.” This is incredibly fascinating. They use hair from humans and animals to soak up oil by putting it in long bags (ex: nylons or tights) and plopping those things right into the oil. It absorbs the oil, much as it does from our scalp, and wallah! There’s that much less oil in the waters!

So, I’ve emailed them to double check on our dog hair and if  it’s usable (after all, Pyrs are part Pig, you know), and hopefully we’ll be able to assist. Who knows – I might even sweep more and have a cleaner house.

I wanted to make sure I passed this along so that you could share it with your animal friends, groomer, and human salon in case they aren’t aware of it. Even if some miracle comes along and they don’t have to use it in the Gulf, they note in their YouTube video that there are 2600 small oil spills a year. So, it will be put to good use.

Click on the link below to learn more, and let’s soak up some oil! 😀

Matter of Trust

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