Miss Layla is a lovely dog that came into rescue very pregnant…and I mean VERY pregnant.  She popped out 12 pups and was an utterly amazing mother to them all, flooding them with an abundance of love.  Through it, she spent time around my cats, and was perfectly content with them in the room, even w/her babies.  Not too long after I brought some cats into rescue, only to find that she was completely facinated with them, to a point of making me concerned.  As a result, I felt that she should probably not be placed with cats b/c she was unpredictable with them…loved my personal cats, but was overwhelmed by the new cats.  I wrote this in her write up/description.

Well, I was definitely corrected, and therefore I do owe sweet Layla a deep apology.  I’ve since learned that she is not overwhelmed or too facinated with them…she is mothering them.  Layla is the most nuturing dog I’ve ever seen…she is a mama through and through.  Well, she was simply looking at them as she did her puppies.  She cleans them, kisses them, watches out for them…mothers them.  Who knew??  Well, I certainly felt like a terrible mother myself for misjudging her.  She takes care of those sweet kitties and provides them with love.  She is a precious soul. 

I’m sooooooo sorry, Layla!!  You’re simply faaaaabulous, dahling!!!!

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