I thought I’d share with you the reason I fell in love with  Great Pyrenees, as well as who got me started in animal rescue. While they have all since passed, they remain dear to my heart, and I think of them often. My work is dedicated to their incredibly kind souls.


Sheiba was my very first Great Pyrenees. She taught me so much…the first being that not all dogs come when called. She was bullheaded, determined and extremely independent. She was also my baby, adored me, and I counted on her strength to get me through so many things. She lived to be 12yrs old. Sheiba was an amazing dog.

sheiba pretty


I am embarrassed to say that I purchased Tatonka from a backyard breeder. However, at the time I didn’t know rescue existed. He was 150lbs of pure Mama’s boy. Everyone was amazed by Tatonka because of his size, his beauty, and his gentle demeanor. He died suddenly, and it was pure devastation for me. There will never be another Tatonka.



Brewster was my million dollar dog who suffered from Addison’s Disease and Diabetes. He went 5 1/2 yrs with the diagnosis and was a fighter to the very end. Adored by not only me, but the veterinary staff and his veterinarian, Brewster put his stamp on all of our hearts, breaking them when he left us. There are so many memories of my sweet Brewster.



Hannah was the Webster’s definition of sweet. She had a heart of gold and was as pretty as a picture. I used to call her my runway model because she was so exquisite. She was the first Pyrenees I ever lost, and she passed right in front of me after suffering from renal failure. She died far too early at the age of six.



Fred was my first dog after I got out on my own and the one to stay with me the longest. He passed at 16-17yrs of age and left me broken hearted. He was a pound puppy who taught me about unconditional love and great tolerance as I drug him from home to home, dressed him in various outfits, and brought in rescue after rescue. He was one of a kind.


Each dog gave me an insight into the world through their eyes and their hearts. I was blessed that they were a part of my life. So, as I continue to drudge through the day cleaning up hair, potty accidents and tripping over multiple dogs, I remember how happy they made me, and how each animal I bring into our rescue will make someone else love them in the same way. I’m also reminded of how the animals in the shelter deserve to be loved as much as I loved these sweeties. Therefore, my vow is to do everything I can to save as many as I can so that they’ll, too, have that love one day.

Here’s to you, my darlings.

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  1. I was blessed with the son of Sheiba and Tonk…Blizzard…only a mere 140 LBS…a king of dogs! He gave so much pleasure and joy. I know they are all romping together over The Rainbow Bridge.

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