What a fantastic time we had at Yappy Hour!! We had a wonderful turn out – it was packed! 😀 We were all so excited (and surprised!) at the number of people that showed up. So many came with their canine buddies and hung out with us. We all socialized, chatted about our dogs, had a drink, and all in all had a wonderful time. I think we did well with getting information out about not only our rescue, but Great Pyrenees, rescue and volunteering. It truly was a great time, and fun was had by all, I do believe.

The dogs even had a day at the spa and turned out completely gorgeous! I was such a proud mama! Gayle with Downtown Doggie donated two grooms, so I took Alli and Mandalyn in for a bath and fluff. When I picked them up I was so impressed, and I got all mushy from their incredible beauty. Then, Preston and Toffee went to one of our volunteer’s groomer, The Dog Spa, who also kindly donated a couple of baths and fluffs…they were lovely, as well! Toffee was quite the strutter about the Bistro because she knew she looked good. It was so kind of the groomers to be so considerate and generous with their time and efforts. It was such a joy to see the Pyrs looking like show dogs (or REAL Pyrs vs. Carolina red clay Pyrenees)!

We probably could have stayed longer than the two hours and still had a blast, but as all fun does, it had to come to an end. I was so touched by all of the people that came out to support us and spend a little quality time with their furry friends. We even had some surprises…Nicholas and Bonnibelle came to visit! Nicholas was stunning, and Bonnibelle wasn’t shy in the slightest (much different than when she was w/me)…she was going up to everyone as if she were the belle of the ball – this really speaks volumes for her new family! They’ve done very well with her, and I was so proud of little Bonnibelle. I have to admit I was a bit joyful that when she finally figured out who I was (it took a few seconds of staring and then BOOM! It hit her!), for she jumped all over me and kissed me until I was soaking wet! It was super and I enjoyed our little bonding moment. She knew who her mommy was, however, which made me proud. I love to see them again, but I love that they bond with their new families because that’s what it’s all about. Nicholas remembered my mother better than me, I think, but that’s okay (*sulks*). He talked to me a little bit, of course, but he, too knew his mommy and daddy were right there, and he made sure to stick by their sides…so very, very sweet. They’re good people. He’s so handsome…his spots enlarged! 😀

All of the dogs were a bit hit – Toffee, Preston, Alli, Mandalyn, Fiona and Poppy (Poppy had no desire to pose for the camera, so I cut her a bit of slack since I’d snapped so many on our last few events). I, naturally, was so proud of them all. For those reading that did stop by, thanks for joining us! For those that couldn’t, perhaps the photos will give you a moment of feeling as if you were there.

I hope you enjoy!

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  1. What a GREAT turnout for “Yappy Hour” The pups looked STUNNING , and they knew it!!! I wish Paddington and I could have been there!!

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