Dare I forget to post about the newest sweetheart in Miss Alli’s? *gasp!* I know not why this escaped me, but let me make a point to correct the error of my ways at this very moment! I must, at once, stop with this forgetfulness!

Meet one of the sweetest boys around – Lincoln. Lincoln is a 10 month old Great Pyrenees that came to us via a kind lady who was concerned about his condition. You see, Lincoln was left outside in the horrific South Carolina heat (heat factor in the 100s) on a chain, apparently with no real shelter. He’d crawl underneath a camper to get some shade and was obviously suffering in the scorching temperatures. As you know, I am not a fan of a chained dog, especially when it’s far too hot or too cold, so hearing about this was upsetting. I couldn’t stand it.

Fortunately the owners were willing to sign him over to us, and the lady who contacted us about him, who I refer to as his little angel, brought him to meet me. The minute I saw those deep brown eyes look at me with just enough fear and uncertainty to make him look heartbreakingly pitiful, and cause me to want to cry, I was ecstatic that he was coming into rescue.

I named him Lincoln because I thought it suiting since he was freed from the slavery of the chain. He’s 83lbs at only 10 months, and he’s going to grow into an absolutely stunning adult. He will be wise, strong, and fitting to his name. He’s thick and solid, and he displays one of the best smiles in the world. He’s so incredibly loving and affectionate, and he’s one of those dogs that in the moment you meet him…you’re toast and totally in love. Gentle, happy, and kind, he loves to show you his gratitude via a soft kiss on your nose. How anyone could not be head over heels for this dog is beyond me – nothing but a rock filled heart could dismiss this darling boy.

Lincoln has been so happy and playful since he’s been with us. He constantly wears a grin, loves everyone and thinks playing with his friends is better that most anything. They stated that one reason they didn’t want him is because he chewed things – he’s never once chewed anything here (Sawyer, on the other hand, has a fondness for woodwork….oh what a puppy!). Lincoln is one of the most well behaved boys I’ve had come through these doors. He is polite and thoughtful of the other animals. He’s softhearted and tender. He is a prince.

Although he sports a rather funny looking shave down, you can see how incredibly handsome he is, despite. Once that coat grows back the ladies will be knocking down the door for just one date. Now…if his mother will only LET him date…THAT is the question. 😉

Without further adieu!

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