IMG_2045-5Well, we’re taking the steps and starting Shelby’s heartworm treatment…the first of the two dogs we need to treat (Amelia is the 2nd). After the ordeal about getting the medication and not being able to for over 6mths, we are excited to finally get rid of those argumentative worms.

We’ve been doing what seems like fundraiser after fundraiser, and working on more, but we are still in in the red. We just can’t hold off on these heartworm treatments any longer, so we’re diving in. We’ve started a ChipIn page for Shelby that we’d love for you to pass along. It gives a description of Shelby and what we need to continue the treatment. We’ve already done the radiographs, the bloodwork and the urinalysis, and she is healthy otherwise and ready to go. We just want her to be cured of the heartworms and happy so she’s able to find a fantastic forever home. She is such a wonderful love bug of a girl!

Here is the link to her ChipIn page, Shelby’s ChipIn Page! ,as well as the progress chart. Just click on it and you’re ready to go! Even the smallest amounts are a big help!

IMG_0912-2Next, we’ll treat Princess Amelia for heartworms and establish a ChipIn page for her, as well. These darn heartworms are for the birds!! She has been through enough in her lifetime, however, and we look forward to getting her treated and finding her the best home she could ever live in, with a family that is head over heels in love with her.

IMG_1277-2We’re also in the process of finding out why Emmy Lu has such a hard time holding her urine and why she stays so thin. The next step is a ACTH test, which will help us determine if she has Addison’s Disease or Cushing’s Disease. If those are negative, we’ll need to try to do an ultrasound if possible.

It’s also time for a check up for Honey to see how her heart and lungs are handling things. She’s been such a strong little (tubby) girl. Couldn’t be more proud of her!IMG_1468-1

We have a lot going on! Good thing I like medicine so much, huh? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Such great babies, though, so we have to make sure we take proper care of them. It’s been tough, but we’re going to keep on trying to raise some solid funds.

This heat has everyone doing a lot of sleeping and relaxing, and I have to admit that we all long for autumn. However, overall we’re doing well, and the Miss Alli’s sweeties are patiently awaiting their forever homes. How they are constantly overlooked is beyond me. Such fun, affectionate, happy and loving dogs; they’ll make a super companion for someone. In my opinion, I can’t grasp not falling in love at first site! Perhaps I’m bias??? Certainly not! ๐Ÿ˜€

One day, though. One day they’ll have their very own bed, a family who loves them, and they’ll never remember the shelter or life on the street. They’re good dogs. They have a lot of heart. I’m proud of them. ๐Ÿ™‚

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