Sweet Suzie

I’m sitting here looking at Suzie, my border collie/australian cattle dog mix.  She has been in rescue for over 2yrs with no luck in finding a home.  I’m perplexed b/c Suzie is truly one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met, if not the sweetest.  She has a kind heart, she’s very gentle, and she does nothing but love.  Her downfall is that she’s a black dog, and she’s shy when she first meets people or encounters a change.  Therefore nobody wants her…plain and simple.

It breaks my heart, but I hold onto the hope of someone falling in love w/her and looking past the small things.  She’s beautiful, happy, gentle and I often find her kissing the other dogs to make sure they’re okay.  I don’t know what anyone else could want, especially when you add her gorgeous grin.  Sweet Suzie is a jewel and shines daily…maybe one day someone will see the beauty that I see.


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