My sweet little black colony of dogs…tremendous hearts, gentle kisses, snugglers and love bugs.  Why they can’t be thought of as beautiful to the majority of the world is beyond me.  So many good dogs with so little acknowledgement.

Poor Madison has a heart of gold and is gentle as a lamb, but b/c she has Pit Bull in her, she is given a quick NO.  When she’s seen at our Petsmart trips, however, everyone talks about how precious and loving she is, and they forget that she has Pit in her.  Pits are good dogs…Madison is a good dog.  Hopefully one day someone will see her inner beauty and bring her into their lives for an added bonus of love and joy.

Harrison is a Lab, the breed that everyone wants, but b/c he’s black and mixed he’s ignored.  He gives a lot of love to his foster mother and they have a ton of fun playing with the ball.  He’d be the best companion for someone who was active and loved to play.

So many, so wonderful, and so loved by their foster parents, yet ignored by the public. When you adopt your next dog, consider a black dog.  Look into their eyes and get to know them, and love them as you’d love a yellow, chocolate or tri colored dog.  They deserve it, as well.

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