Miss Wilma is a 10+yr old Great Pyrenees that was in a shelter.  She was close to emaciation, had a hard time walking, and turned out to be one big orthopedic disaster.  She was weak and very sad when I picked her up, but still remained quite beautiful.

She has bad hips, a bad right shoulder and bad right wrist.  Her left shoulder has radial nerve damage, and she drags her foot when she walks.  She weighed only 58lbs.

Since she’s been here, multiple times I’ve watched Wilma play outdoors with the younger dogs.  She jumps and plays around with me and tries to do the puppy stance.  I get so tickled at her!  I am head over heels for her, as she reeks sweetness and has bright, beautiful eyes.  She was so sad, but she’s having fun now, which is uplifting.  I don’t care if she’s only here a few more days…I absolutely adore her and she has been so happy!  Just look at this darling girl…this is what rescue is about! 😀


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