Well, there’s really not much to say. I don’t have it in me to go into a long discussion. Let’s just say I’m both sad and a little bit mad.

Anna, our Sanctuary Pyr, has Osteosarcoma. It’s shown up in her right, rear leg.

We’re going to fight it as long as we can. We’ll amputate the leg on Tuesday (September 7th), relieving her of some unbearable pain and eliminating that particular tumor. She’s been on pain medication thus far, and it’s not even phasing it, so my vote is to get rid of it. However, she’s looking good, still has life in her, and thus far her lungs are clear. As a result, I’m going to let her live without the horrible pain in her leg, and I’ll love her that much longer. She’s been tied to a fence and abandoned, she’s covered in bird shot all over her body from some idiot that decided she deserved to be shot, and she’s terrified of people…but she loves me to pieces, as well as her Grandma, and we adore her, as well…so, we’re going to keep her as long as we can.

Please keep her in your prayers. She’s so young…I hate to see such a sweet girl who’s been through so much now suffering from such a horrible disease.

It’s just plain crappy.

At least I’ve had the chance to love her. Nothing crappy about that.

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