Time certainly does fly when you have your hands in various worlds of wonder.

Anna is doing well since her surgery. We’ve had quite a few adjustments, but we’ve also made a great deal of progress. The problem is that we have two bullheaded females dealing with her amputation…Anna and myself. We both want to do what WE want to do, and the other wants to do what SHE wants to do. I had to walk Anna with a towel initially (can we say heavy??), although we’ve moved past it being a constant at this point. However, while walking her with said towel, Anna often often chose to run in the opposite direction while I tried to direct her to the door or another part of the yard, for example. Often one would see us spinning round and around in a circle, over and over again  like a merry-go-round, as she tried to “go” and I held on with all of my might. I kept trying to “drive” her full bodied self while holding the towel because I didn’t want her tearing her opposite knee by running around the yard and getting stuck in a hole or something. More often than not we were unsuccessful and would end up stopping, panting, begging for air and renewed strength. It’s been interesting to say the least. She’s so headstrong and independent that I completely aggravate her. She does not want her mommy’s help, and I am fool for thinking as much. Of course, being a mommy, I fret and worry about her other knee, getting exhausted, and pain while recuperating, therefore chasing her down when she takes off and saying “Anna! Stop! Slow down! Wait for me! Dang it, Anna don’t run!!” I can only imagine what we must look like.

We’ve both been frustrated, I will admit, not at her surgery or the lack of a leg, but because we drive each other crazy. A typical mother/daughter relationship. Two peas in a pod. Yet as I stated, we’ve made tremendous progress and have a better understanding of what the other desires. She has actually come a long way in her ability to handle and maneuver herself. She does get tired since she’s carrying a lot of weight around, but she does great and walks 95% on her own; I basically only have to help her when she’s outdoors for potty breaks. I’m very proud of her! She continues to get some MSM/Glucosamine so we can keep her other leg strong.  Who knows…there have been studies to show MSM slows down cancer. Maybe it will help? We’ll certainly hope for the best!  Here’s a photo of Anna the day I brought her home.

Meanwhile, Hampton is in his crate recovering from the first round of heartworm treatment. He’s being exceptionally well behaved…minus being a bit sluggish on going potty. I do think it’s his way of staying out of the crate longer. He’ll without question have to go potty…but he meanders about the yard, stopping to sniff the air, just “hang out” a bit, wave at the passers by, and then look at me as if I’m ridiculous for expecting him to do his business at that point. So there I’ve stood the past few days, in the rain, cold and wet, at all hours of the day and night, while Mr. Hampton felt the need to explore the outdoors and hold his potty. He even puts on the breaks when I try to walk him, the little booger. All in all, he’s been fantastic, however. He’s such a major love…I can’t help but hug him. He’ll get his 2nd round of treatment beginning on the 11th. It is a long haul, but we need to get rid of those worms.

Oh dear. I’ve failed to mention Hampton, haven’t I?

Now see, I told you I wasn’t quite “all there.” Let me try to make this brief. Hampton, formerly known as Polar Bear, was in the Spartanburg, SC shelter. His owner surrendered him due to his roaming. My brother went down to meet him while we worked on a plan, and Hampton laid his head in his lap, snuggled, then whined and tried to go with him when my brother left (**stab in heart/knock upside the head/sock in gut**). He’s heartworm positive, as mentioned, so I was worried about money since I’d just done Shelby’s heartworm treatment (she’s ready to go to her forever home now! Oh…I think I forgot to mention that, too….), I still have to do Amelia’s treatment (finally, one thing you know about!) and I just did the leg amputation on Anna. Not ideal. However, you know how that story ended, and the big boy is here. He’s advanced and showing symptoms so we’re doing the 2 month protocol. He’s a big boy and once he’s past his treatment we’ll work on his grooming since it’s…well, there’s a lack of grooming. Then, after a few months, we’ll do surgery on him for entropian. He’s a doll, though, and well worth it. (**subliminal message to beg your friends to donate to the “Handsome Hampton Cause.” )

So yeah…that’s Hampton.

I’m also currently (frantically) working on the return of Victoria, a Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd mix. She’s been at her home for a little over 2 1/2 years, but she’s developed some anxiety. We’re not sure why, but when she gets here we’ll see what answers we can find, and do our best to help her get past it. It’s been a whirlwind, trying to get her from MD to SC, and I’m actually still working on it, but I’m praying the one last route we have to fill within the transport will work out. If not, I’ll just have to drive to VA to get her. Hopefully it won’t come down to that, though, as that’s a lot of Micky D’s sweet tea to drink for the caffeine boost! 😉

I’ve been a bit consumed to say the least. The day consists of an overabundance of dog laundry…and occasionally some of my own…walking 2 dogs with a towel (China and Anna, although Anna’s assistance is less at this point), walking Hampton who most often decides he’d rather stroll and acts offended when he can’t, cleaning up after China, Emmy, and sometimes Alli, plus the general cleaning, passing out medications to 4 dogs twice a day, multiple vet trips (must visit the family, you know), switching dogs around as to avoid bickerments (“Roootate!!!”), and now I’ll be squeezing in a trip to either NC or VA to get Victoria. I’m dealing with an on again/off again fever (no, I’m not making that up…darn summer ragweed! I know, I know…doctor…but I don’t love visiting the doctor), my left knee has been possessed by aliens, and I’m helping my family with multiple urgent needs (of course, we have to throw in a repeat surgery for my Aunt, too). The house air conditioner isn’t working properly AGAIN, I had a flat tire on my van, tree limbs fell last night on my outdoor kennels (not currently being used, however), my lawn mower isn’t working and I cannot get anyone to answer the phone to fix it (or return my messages), and I’m praying my tires on the other car will be good enough for the upcoming trip to get Victoria. Everything has broken this summer, so let’s hope they are a bit more durable. Duke Energy decided they needed to turn off the power for several small towns last Sunday from 1am until 5am, in all of their brilliance, so I was without power and HOT (It’d been hot here that day), so there was very little sleep a few nights ago for me or the critters. Then, my own dog had seizures all weekend and had me on my toes and up at all hours (the audacity!). Oh yes – I have to work my full time job and feed the dogs, as well…minor things.

But as I’ve asked before…what do you do? You fuss and moan a little…or a lot, depending on the day and how much fat food and caffeine you’ve been able to consume…and then you stop and say “It is what it is.” At that point you just start dealing with things and take it as it comes…and laugh. You have to laugh. And buy Hershey’s White Chocolate Bliss.

Oh, I mustn’t forget – 4 little dogs dumped on the side of the road, too. No signs, no ads, and out in the middle of nowhere. More on that later. I won’t discuss the astronomical amount of Pyrs in shelters, either.

Yet alas!! Lincoln was adopted! ‘Tis true that we have a bit of sunshine on our cloudy days! I am so incredibly happy for him! I’m still in shock that the boy ever needed rescue because of his fabulous temperament. I suppose it was meant to be, however, for he is now adored, spoiled and happy. He has 2 feline friends, a Shih Tzu sister, and a Yorkie brother who he handles with the utmost care. You can tell he’s a happy boy in his photos! (thanks for those, mother of Lincoln!)

So see? Things work out. It’s crazy, it’s nerve racking, it’s flat out painful sometimes. Yet we (I) must remind ourselves that days pass and new things come along. People come into your life and make you smile, they help you with this or that, they’re encouraging and they show you and the animals kindness. They even let you complain for a while (thank you for that!). They even serve you food. Add that to the Hershey’s White Chocolate Bliss and all becomes good again.

And that’s the way it goes. The joys of everyday life…with a dose of rescue.

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