This evening is the 4th that Victoria has been back home, and thus far all is going quite well.

On Thursday some amazing people helped drive Victoria from Maryland down south to meet me. There were four drivers, plus myself, driving what we refer to as “legs.”  Each person drove a specific distance, or leg, met the next person who would do the same, and one by one, we managed to finally get her in the back of my car. The first three legs hit some less than favorable weather, but they still kept Victoria as their main concern. The 4th leg driver hit some mild rain, but fortunately not the mess that the others drove through. I managed to drive through sunshine and gorgeous weather…I think the good Lord knew it was best due to my being a tad emotional. 😉 Everyone was absolutely amazing, however, and I am touched that they were so caring toward Victoria. I am blessed that they were kind enough to assist me in her return.

I cried twice going to get her, and I couldn’t drive fast enough. I worried so much about her and the anxiety she’d developed that all I wanted to do was grab her and hug her. When I saw her in the back of the gentleman’s van, relaxed on mounds of blankies, I fell in love all over again.

After all the hugs and smoochies, a long walk and getting her in the back of my car, we headed home to meet the gang. She was pretty worn out, so when we got home she went to her crate and slept soundly. The next morning she awoke to the busy day and handled it with grace.

So far the anxiety that caused her to return to me has not surfaced. She’s been very laid back, calm, and well behaved. This weekend produced a wealth of  sounds and loud noises, including several sirens, a backfire of a truck, and a very loud motorcycle…she’s not been phased. She rode around with me in the car, unphased and relaxed, and she was great at the vet. The only thing I’ve noticed is that she doesn’t like the flash of the camera…my guess is that it resembles lightening since she’s afraid of storms. I’ve seen this before, so we’ll continue to work on it. None of the noises in the house have bothered her, none of the barking…nada. She’s not tried to dig out, as she did in MD, and she’s even played with Preston and Sawyer Brown. So far so good.

We’ll need to remove a mass on her eye that is scratching her lens, and we need to get 15-20lbs off of her. I’m disappointed with how she looks, but we’ll get her in shape. She loved seeing Grandma, and she enjoyed the pretty weather today as we worked in the yard. I enjoyed seeing her relaxed and comfortable…but heck, I’m just enjoying her all the way across the board. 🙂

She’s still as sweet as she ever was, and those who drove her agreed. The dogs have shown her respect and she’s let them know it’s best that they do. 😉 She’s currently sleeping next to my Hogan, lips fluttering as she breathes out, chubby cheeks flopped.

Just love her. Welcome back sweet girl.

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