I could go into a long spill…but you guys know the drill. His was at the shelter, so I took the dive into another big medical bill and big sloppy kisses. Since his owner didn’t care to come and get him from the shelter, I did. They couldn’t keep him much longer, and that’s a heavy load to carry when they’ve contacted you for help.

He’s heartworm positive (No?! Certainly not!), 88.6lbs and almost, but not quite, emaciated (having an owner, remember). He’s GOOFY!!! WHAT a silly boy! Smoochy, smoochy, dancey, happy, waggy tail wimp. It took 3 of us to get him into my car because when I tried to encourage him by myself he simply looked at me and laid down. Let me just say that when a Great Pyrenees doesn’t want to move, the dog does not move…and you can’t move it unless you have a crane or a backhoe.

So while he’s not quite as gallant as Sir Lancelot, he is as charming, and my Guinevere self has fallen in love. I’m sure you all will, too, for he is most handsome and has already won the hearts of many. It’s unfortunate that he has heartworms and that I’ve beat my head against the wall several times in frustration over those infuriating worms, but we’ll treat him as soon as possible. We still have to treat Amelia, do a surgery on Victoria’s eye, and in a few months do Entropian surgery on Hampton…and now we have Lancelot’s heartworm treatment. You know, I think I might be admitted into the hospital for shock if I ever get a dog who isn’t heartworm positive. Feel free to visit me.

Here is the big lug, smiling and enjoying some sunshine. Enjoy his handsomeness!

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