What a day! Yesterday was “Bark in the Park,” an event that a fellow rescue group, “Concerned Citizens for Animals,” puts on every year and has for the past several. It was a big time for everyone with music, food and cute dogs, and the crowd was most certainly active. Hundreds of people showed up for lots of doggy action! There were contests (including a costume contest!), activities such as musical doggies, border collie demonstrations and disc catching dogs, as well as vendors ranging from rescues to vet clinics to doggy shops full of things from purses to baked goods. The weather was splendid and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time.

We really enjoyed ourselves and my volunteers were as great as ever…especially when I was running behind, courtesy of my own doggies! Yet when I arrived my girls had the table set up, almost everything in place and were on the ball! I wrote them in my Will at that precise moment.

Toffee, Poppy and Mandalyn joined us and strut their stuff for everyone. I think Toffee would enjoy a job as a spokesperson, for she thrives on being the center of attention. She’s a poser for the camera, too, so she’s a natural…perhaps she could be the next Vanna White? Mandalyn enjoyed the attention as well (she’s a bit of a “head-up-against-you-love me-now” sorta gal), and Poppy was right out there with everyone shopping and enjoying the festivities. She’s not a sit on the couch kind of senior…no siree! She wants to be right in the middle of everything! The girls were exhausted from all the excitement by the time we left, so they began the snores as soon as we hit the car. Each of us slept very, very well last night!

As always, I have lots of pictures to share of the day. Lots of doggy photos! (If you want to see some captions describing the photos, feel free to click on the video and it will take you to the photo album.)

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