Burton…he’s just happy.

…as is China!

Brigadier and Belle, my two sweeties, give a thumbs up on the tile floors.

“How much is that doggy in the window…?”

Benny is very happy!

Lots of doggy activity in the new yard.

Hughey is happy b/c he has a new home and adoptive family! Yeah Hughey!!

Johnny is quite happy that the new house has sticks.

“There’s a cat on my foot.”

“No, I’m serious…there’s a cat on my foot.”

“Kindly explain to me why there is a gate in front of this bedroom.”

“To pounce or not to pounce….that is the question….”

Baker (my cat) and Lewis share a drawer.

Lewis feels the need to always be close.

Again….just happy.

Madison makes sure to pick the smallest spot in the house to sit.

The definition of insanity….

“Cat on a cool cardboard box.”

“Don’t do it….I mean it….DON’T do it!!”

“It’s perfectly normal. Don’t bother me.”

“I’m starving….”

Kissy-poo-poo-girl, China, makes sure Mavis is okay.

“Why do you look at me is if there is a problem?”

“LOVIN’ this trunk!!!!”

“I do love this trunk….”

“It’s my trunk….leave me alone.”

My Fred has one last day in the sun.

Head interference!

My Theodore…yet another box cat.

Lewis…AKA: Fly Patrol.

“Enough of the camera mom…”


“I did not sniff the paint!!!”

Lots of dawgs.

Madison patiently waits for her turn in the chair.

“Mom, I don’t have a chair…she got the chair….”

My Lily wonders if the chaos will ever end…

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