Toffee:   “I sleep on my back, own The Joker grin, and dance in a sort of sporadic rhythm.”

Preston:   “I long to lay my head on your lap, lean against you and drool. I envy the pig who can roll in mud as he or she sees fit.”

Fiona:   “I really want a couch in my forever family, as well as the ability to dance on it.”

Sawyer Brown:   “Huh?”

Amelia:  “I sit pretty. I am a princess. Please have my throne cushion hot pink in my new home.”

Will:   “I can shake my hiney faster than any ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Professional Latin Dancer. ”

Poppy:   “I’m not afraid to tell off a Pyrenees. Just sayin’.”

Emmy Lu:   “I prefer canned food and the office chair.”

Noelle:   “Mom made the bed higher off the ground. She thought it would deter me from getting on the bed. She was wrong. Very wrong.”

Kala:   “Can I bring my plastic swimming pool with me to my forever home?”

Keely:   “I love toys. Lots of toys. Can I have ‘galore de toy,’ S’il vous plait?”

Shelby:   “I have the perfect figure and know how to walk the walk. Heidi Klum…you got nothin’ on me.”

Lancelot:  “I am not a wimpy boy, no matter what Mom says. The only reason it took 3 people to get me in the car was because I wanted to make sure they were going to bombard me with treats…so I played an acting role ONLY. It was a part of my plan. Really. Seriously.”

China:   “I wear fancy coats.”

Anna:   “I took over Mom’s bedroom and lay on a shiny red comforter.”

Alli:  ” I run the house. They all know it. I also run in my sleep.”

Honey:  “I like to eat. Then I like to eat more.”

Victoria:   “I’m on a diet. I most definitely eat my designated portion of food, just like Mom wants. Then I eat everyone else’s leftovers, just like I want.”

Foxy:  “I’m cute, I’m sassy, and there aint nothin’ you can do to change it.”

Mandalyn:   “I like a good book and a glass of wine before bed.”

Hampton:   “I don’t love Prednisone, but I do have a bit of a crush on Dr. Powell.”

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