Didn’t get enough of  Bonnibelle? Well, now we have her long, lost cousin, Sherlock! Yet another sweet faced, happy beagle with mange and an abundance of yeast. His condition isn’t as bad as Bonnibelle’s, but he still has a poor coat and inflamed skin, poor fella. However, he’s already on medication and medicated baths, and he’ll be as good as new before you know it. Once he’s healthy enough we’ll tend to his bilateral cherry eye.

Sherlock is such a handsome fella despite his yucky skin. He has big, flowing, pendulum ears and a cute little nose. You can see that his coloring will be quite lovely after his coat returns from improved health. He’s a chirpy little guy, trotting around with his head held high, yet coming to a split second halt when he catches the slightest scent. Then, it’s nose to the ground with repetitive snorts as he investigates the familiar or unfamiliar smell. Once he’s satisfied with his discovery he lifts his nose and gallivants along his merry way.

His sweet, sweet heart is full of love. He’s jolly, innocent and welcoming. You know the minute you see him that your day is about to improve, and you find a smile on your face. Now if we can just get him to speak in one tone vs. an odd combination of four or five. Oh yes…you just have to love a hound dog and the voluminous voice. 😉

So if you find that you’ve had a difficult day, I’m about to help you feel better. Meet Mr. Sherlock!

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