Last night I hit the grocery store with the strong desire for junk food.  After spending $47 on nearly nothing healthy or meal related, I came home quite pleased with my selection of sweets, soda, and salty foods.  It was delightful!  I sat down with my treats and began to munch when I noticed that I was surrounded by fur…short fur, long fur, medium length fur.  I quickly let them know that this was my treat, not theirs, and sharing was not an option (I’m rather possessive of my junk food).  Through the duration of this little dreamlike state of sugar and salt, they sat by my side, carefully watching the food to make sure nothing was dropped, salivating at its presence, hoping I’d give in and give them even a morsel.

It was then that it hit me…whenever I eat my lean cuisines I don’t have this problem.  When I have vegetables on my plate, fruit (even an apple with peanut butter), there’s not a single strand of fur around.

They aren’t stupid…. 😉

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