I’m ashamed at how long it’s been since I’ve blogged. I have topic after topic to post about but have been up to my brother’s ears (he’s taller) in a little bit of everything. Let me see if I can provide the condensed version for you, dating back to my last blog on January 10th….

1) We had a HUGE fundraiser called Cosmos for Critters. If you’ve been to our Facebook page you’ve seen posts about it here or there and some photos, as well Cosmos for Critters event pictures. I have to admit I am pretty proud of the result. We had around 300 attendees, and for a first time event I was pretty impressed with the turn out. k9.5 worked together with “Carolina Basset Hound Rescue,” “The Grey Muzzle Organization,” and “Concerned Citizens for Animals” on a fun filled masquerade gala for adults. We had a most pleasant and festive evening, grateful to all of our sponsors and attendees for their support. To learn a little more about it, visit the Cosmos for Critters website: www.cosmosforcritters.com

2) I lost my Lily. Lily was my second foster failure (Belle being the first). Finding her barefoot and pregnant at midnight on December 4, 2000, I attempted to place her in a home just once, only to be returned (she simply wanted to come back home and proclaimed this to the world at the top of her hound lungs…nonstop). When I picked her up from the failed forever home she sat on the middle console of my Explorer, shot me 2 “I cannot believe you did this to me; I just don’t know how I’ll ever forgive you” looks, and refused to even peek at me the rest of the trip, staring hard at the road ahead. When we finally made it home she ran straight into the bedroom, jumped on the bed and rested soundly in her favorite spot. She remained there until February, 2011.

Lily had Hemangiosarcoma, and the mass seemed the size of the planet earth. I awoke to her struggling, raced to the vet and learned of the diagnosis. I can only say that Lily was never supposed to pass. Lily was Lily, sleeping by my side or yelling at me from the next room as she sprawled on her bed, for the simple reason that she couldn’t see me and wanted to make sure I was there. Lily was loud. Lily was demanding. Lily was wimpy, crying if she heard the phrase “Nail Trim.” She was also an angel to children as she watched over them, had nothing but kindness running through her blood, she welcomed all into our home, and adored me. I still find myself calling her name and expect to wake up and see her sleeping next to me. I miss her.

I also learned that my Hogan has Osteosarcoma. I felt nothing but devastation. I can’t begin to tell you how easy it is to love with Hogan and how I struggled with the diagnosis. Hogan provided me with strength, however, in his powerfully optimistic attitude. As a result, I opted to amputate his leg and rid the painful tumor, and together he and I will fight the beast of cancer. He trots around on three legs as if he’s never known anything different, smiles, plays and continues his day, positive that life continues to be glorious. I am in awe of his strength and ability to look it in the face without fear or depression. It’s because of him that I am able to forget the sadness and thrive in the time we have together.

3) My father has some serious health issues, so I’ve been absorbed in a tornado of surgeries, changed dates, results of this test or that office visit, all the while trying to remain positive. Multiple ailments fight him, but the main concern is his heart. His first procedure took place a few days ago, thankfully with positive results, and he’ll undergo surgery for his kidneys in a few days. In a few weeks he’ll face the most frightening operation on his heart. The doctors have informed us that it will be around 8hrs long, he’ll be hospitalized for almost two weeks, and it is high risk. So, please, I ask for your prayers that he will sail safely through each of these surgeries and recover stronger than ever.

4) Cupids and Canines!! This was great fun! Camp Bow Wow provided an adoption event to several rescues with k9.5 being offered participation. With the Valentine’s Day theme we showed off some of our sweet babies, set up our tables and talked to many about rescue, the animals, and more. Cupids & Canines. We even placed Matilda as a result of a lovely couple meeting her that day. As a result, a few days later and an approved adoption, Matilda went to her new family where she is appropriately spoiled rotten.

5) We had several adoptions! Preston, our sweet, mild mannered and well behaved boy finally, after TWO years, found a splendid mother who has devoted herself to him. He now has a feline brother named Ozzy and is a hit with her family and friends. She was so excited…it was a delight to see her tickled pink and rosy. 😀

Then there’s Poppy and Echo…in the same home!! Yes, it’s true! A lovely lady fell in love with Poppy’s darling face and she is now queen of her castle and adored. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was that this sweet senior girl found a home of her very own. I was so proud of her! Then, as luck would have it, she thought Echo was just stunning and decided to adopt her, as well. So both girls, after being in rescue for over a year for Poppy and three years for Echo, now have a wonderful mother that will love them forever.

Let’s not forget Toffee and her well deserved forever home! Toffee went to a lady that is exceptional to her furbabies, and she is adored beyond words. Coming miles, Toffee developed into a magnificent lady who was flat out irresistible. She is now spoiled, pampered and dancing all over her new home when her mommy comes home.

6) We’re still working on Lancelot. We’ve made progress with a drug that isn’t supposed to help but most definitely has provided healing to his ear, and that’s fantastic. It makes molasses look like the rabbit in the race, however. To boot, the remaining healing needed is on the rim of his ear, a most difficult location. I cleaned and treated it tonight, and prayed for intervention to help this darling boy. He’s been wearing an e-collar since November and this has been a long, long haul. We have an appointment for Monday, and we’ll see what doc suggests next. He’s been such an incredibly stoic dog who doesn’t give up or get upset. I am so incredibly proud of him and his willingness to persevere.

7) Vet visit after vet visit, email after email, gas bills to keep the local Spinx in business on my car alone…I’ve not stopped. This is not a complaint, mind you, but just a statement of fact. We were on a television morning show for the event, I’ve had meetings upon meetings, and of course, I’ve had to work. So, I’ve been a bit loopy at times. Shocking, I know.

8) Miss Miranda. She is a petite, loving, terrified Great Pyrenees that was a stray for over a month. With nobody to claim her I told the shelter that I’d take her into rescue. She’s simply precious. Emaciated, afraid of everything, yet remains trusting of me, she follows my lead and does what I ask. She’s settling in nicely, and once she’s healthy enough we’ll treat her for heartworms. Her doc visit is tomorrow, so we’ll see what stage of the disease she’s in and the best treatment protocol.

As terrified as she was, the first night she came in and laid on the floor with my brother, giving him multiple kisses. Just a splendid little girl.

8) I’m done? I’ve omitted things only due to a faulty memory, but above is the gist of it all. I have so many other posts in the making and several other topics that I’ve been meaning to address, but I will save those for another time. I do promise not to be away for so long again. While I may not be here daily due to my father’s surgeries, I will be here as often as possible.  I miss chatting with (to?) you and will make sure I stay current in the future.

Have a blessed day!

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