Shelby: [shel bee]


A beautiful Doberman mix who is not only stunning as she models her dark, brindle coat, but also a happy, energetic while calm, kissy-poo-poo girl who prances around the house shaking her fanny, all the while flashing silly, sultry eyes that make your heart weak and laugh out loud simultaneously. 

Synonyms: Sassy, Doggy Model, Snuggle Muffin, Bad Girl; Good, Good Girl;

Antonyms: Great Pyrenees.

Shelby is the kind of dog you see running through the park with her doggy Mama or Daddy chasing a Frisbee, tennis ball or jogging side by side. Shelby is the girl that steals the show at the party, flirting with all the male guests while casually stealing the hot dogs off their plates while they woo her and give kisses on her forehead. She is also the one you’ll find snuggled on the couch with her best human buddy while the television plays, as close as she can get and sound asleep.

My best guess is that people stereotype Miss Shelby as a “mean ole Doberman” that they’d not want to adopt, and she is therefore still in our rescue well after a year has passed. I hate those bias that classify one being as something else, for they are unfounded and immature. However, people still fear the worst in untruths and label others as a result. Shelby doesn’t care, though…she knows she’s beautiful, and she knows she’s sweet.

Shelby does have one little thing about her, as do we all, and that’s simply that she doesn’t get along with all dogs. Then again, I don’t get along with all humans, and I don’t believe I know anyone that does. So this little vice, you see, is not a big deal. She likes some, but others not so much. Join the club, Shelby. She’s also a little bossy with some dogs. I’m a little bossy. My closest friends are a little bossy. My mother is really bossy. It’s the job of a woman to rule the household.

Despite, Shelby is a loving gal who loves to spend time playing with her buddies and her human. So, the other day when the sun was shining and the temperature was just right, Shelby and I played a little ball. I threw the ball, Shelby chased the ball and brought it back to me, and we both…well, we had a ball!  You can tell just by looking at Shelby’s expression:

When I strolled outside to join Shelby, I saw her with one of her favorite toys…the beloved stick. I watched her acting silly and decided I’d go grab a tennis ball so she could play some “Fetch and Retrieve,” one of her favorite games. When I came back outside, ball in hand, I said “Shelby, do you want to play?”

She stopped in her tracks and looked at me. “Is that a ball?”

“Yes, dear, it’s a ball. Want to play?”

“Yes! Yes! I want to play! I want to play! Throw the ball! Throw the ball!”

So, I threw the ball. Off she charged across the yard, long legs in stride as if she were a deer with a cheetah’s speed. The ball hit the ground, bounced, and POUNCE!  She tackled it and curved back around with ball in mouth, never missing a beat. She slowed down only a bit when she got closer to me, as if to tease me and sing “I gooot it, I gooot it….” Then she danced a little dance in my direction and handed me the ball. She was ready for more.

Throw the ball, retrieve the ball, dance, dance, give Mom the ball. Throw the ball, retrieve the ball, dance, dance, give Mom the ball. Over and over, with a few slime wipes in between, we played Shelby’s favorite game in the world. She was as happy as me in a chocolate shop.

Eventually she started to tire, so we opted to take a break. The ball was apparently not to leave Shelby’s mouth, however, for she simply would not put it down.

I could see her thinking…”I’m a little thirsty now…Hmmm…what to do, what to do…what to do with my ball.” So, she stood there for a few minutes, contemplating and weighing her options, when she determined that there was only one solution.

Feeling refreshed and sill in control of her ball, Shelby decided it was time to relax and rest up for her next round of “Fetch and Retrieve.” So with ball in tow she found a little nook where she could lay, and she basked in the sun while a light cool breeze rustled her coat just enough to ensue relaxation. It had been a good day.

Shelby: [shel bee]


Ball fanatic.

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