Well, Miss Sophie visited the surgeon on Thursday, and we found out a bit of news that we were not expecting. The doctor asked her foster mother, Renee, to sit down, and then told her what none of us ever thought we’d hear. He stated that Sophie did not have a cleft palate…she’d been shot in the face. SHOT. SHOT with a GUN. Renee was shocked, I was shocked when she told me, and the look on my mother’s face said it all when I explained things to her. Actually, shock doesn’t seem to describe it. Astonishment magnified by a few thousand might…

Unfortunately we know that animals are victims of gunshot, arrows (like Robin/Grace who we took into rescue last year). This is a terrible part of life that seems to happen despite our efforts. What makes this seem even worse is that she is a PUPPY. A BABY. This would be in comparison to a human infant. Someone deliberately shot a 3-4 month old puppy, who without question is nothing more than an innocent bundle of affectionate and playful fur. She’s a puppy who only smiles, kisses and wants to play.

What kind of person aims and shoots at a baby? What chemical make up is this in a so called “human.” Quite frankly, to me this is more of a beast…not a human.

Our reaction was shock…then anger…then heartache…then anger yet again. By the end of the day I was stewing and spitting nails, wanting to get ahold of the idiots that did this to such a sweet being. I was, in a word, furious and showing my immature side by wishing for an influx if starving bed bugs in the person’s sheets who did this to Sophie. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After finding out the true cause of the hole in her mouth, we were faced with what to do next. The surgeon said he can indeed do the surgery, but it will cost between $1500 and $2100. So now we’re on a mission to raise funds for this surgery. How can we not? You’ve seen how happy and loving she is…how much she enjoys living…she deserves this.

Shot in the face…why in the world did this precious girl have to endure such excruciating pain? Can you imagine…?? Tears came to my eyes, and I’m sure Renee did the same. I imagined the horror, the fear, the pain…Sophie is much stronger than I am.

Please keep her in your prayers. Please say a prayer that we come up with the money sooner vs. later. Feel free to send virtual hugs and kisses to Miss Sophie…her foster mother will be more than happy to deliver them! 🙂

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