As stated in my previous post, I’ve been off of here, unintentionally so, because it seems like everything in the world has taken place in the past couple of months.  As we know, I moved back to SC, and the move in itself is consuming, as everyone knows.  This is only the begining.  I”ll do a quick run down….

1. Closed on one house, and closing on this one in SC.

2. Found out that one of my adopted puppies was dumped with another rescue…in Connecticut.  I was devastated, scared, VERY ANGRY, feeling very lied to by the adopter, worried for the puppy, grateful that I had contacts and it managed to get back to me that he was given to them (b/c I could have never known!!), VERY ANGRY, and frantically working to find out how he was doing and if he was safe.  I have to tell you that this was very disturbing and heartbreaking. He was dumped b/c he had separation anxiety…and there was a fear that he may be hurt by one of the family members.  Again, I was VERY, VERY ANGRY.

Fortunately, he ended up in good hands and was safe.  Even more fortunate, a past adopter came forward and wanted to adopt him.  I cannot begin to tell you how elated I was to near the news! He is now in their home, very happy, relaxed, and has not shown signs of the anxiety as of yet.  He is playing with his new brother and sister, getting lots of love, and enjoying himself.  This family was a true blessing for this dog, and I am forever grateful to their huge hearts and love for animals.  They not only get two thumbs up, but a Zorro snap, as well! 😀 Thank you, Lyn and Blake!!

3.  One of my adopted dogs was sick and I had no idea.  This was also devastating b/c I thought I did everything right…I did, actually, according to protocol, and couldn’t believe something like this could happen…I felt like a failure, like I’d hurt her, like I’d hurt the adopters, and was angry at “science” and all of it’s high tech tests, meds, etc.  I have never faced this sort of problem before, and I felt like I’d been shot in the gut.  I also had a huge fear of the adopters feeling that I’d been dishonest, and this was heartbreaking.  They are good people and are providing a wonderful home for her, and I have been so inspired by their commitment.  This happened at the same time I found out about my puppy being dumped, and as I talked with them on an almost daily basis during the incident, I was reminded of the good in people…this was a tremendous help to me during a difficult time.  I am so grateful to them.  Thank you, Tim and Suzanne!

4. I now have another kitten in rescue…THIS was an adventure, for sure.  I will present this story in a separate post.

5.  I found out my very first rescue, a Great Pyrenees that I named Belle and ended up keeping, was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma…bone cancer.  I will let you know right away that I am in denial.

Belle was my very first rescue.  She came to me looking almost identical to Maleah (…no hair, minus some on her head, and a faint strip down her spine.  She was 47lbs at 10mths old, had a severe skin infection, ear infections, etc., and was utterly terrified…one of the most terrified dogs I’ve ever seen, even to this day.  She looked horrid, was extremely fearful, and her story was heartbreaking…she’d been locked in the bathroom of an apartment of a college girl, and the boyfriend beat the **** out of her.  Animal control had to take her out of the situation.  So, they let her get to that point in front of their very eyes.  I worked with Belle for months and months, and a year later decided to just keep her.  She had finally began trusting me, I adored her, I’d nursed her back to health, and I was way past attached.  I didn’t want to move her and traumatize her, sending her back to square one, so I kept her.  She’s been w/me ever since, and is now 100lbs with an extremely full and beautiful coat.  She is drop dead gorgeous, very loving, happy, and brings me so much joy.  She’s a dog that deserves to live forever with anything that brings her joy…it’s just not fair, no matter how much you know about the facts of life.  She’s still happy, she plays, and she’s got some good pain meds, but I know my time is limited with her now…a matter of a few months.  I miss her already.  I cannot tell you how much strength she gave me when she came into rescue…I was just diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at the time, I was in a lot of pain and very stressed, as well as depressed.  Belle helped me to keep going b/c I saw the strength she had to keep fighting.  …I think I’ll just stay in denial with this one.

6.  My dad is bullheaded and sick, and he’s having more and more difficulty…yet refuses to go to the doctor.  I might have to throw him in the Pyr Pit.

7.  My Fibromyalgia has played havoc on me since I moved, and I spent the majority of my time in bed the past 2 or so weeks.  I think it reacted to all of my reactions with the move and such, and it just finally took it’s toll on me.  I’m doing better now, after much rest, but it put me behind on a lot of things.  I’m still behind, actually. 😉 I may or may not catch up…I suppose we’ll just have to see. 😀

8.  I’m still unpacking.  However, Benny’s trunk is placed, and he makes a point to let me know he’s thankful by sleeping on it daily.  I’m still in awe of how his short little legs can get him on top of it…he’s like a little jumping bug!

9.  Layla, Johnny, Madison, and Hughey (I think I already mentioned him before) all found new homes!  Yeah!!

10.  Will proved to be a “faker.”  He had me frantically rush him to the vet after a series of anxiety driven behaviors, only to walk in like “Cool Joe” and lie down, crossing his paws and smiling like nothing happened.  We left with his “waggling” though the parking lot, giving lots of kisses to his Grandma.  I think he was feeling a little slighted by his foster sister “Belle” getting all of the attention from the cancer diagnosis, and just wanted his time in the spotlight.  Goober.

There are many other things not really worth mentioning that just take up the day when it comes to moving.  There are other things that consume your time in all that I mentioned above.  There are things I’m undoubtedly forgetting.  However, I am still surrounded by a herd of animals at this moment, shielding me from such “bad things”…or perhaps the unknown, I suppose…as I type.  I simply cannot tell you how well they’ve done throughout the move and all the hectic days that have taken over our lives.  They do amaze me.

So, these are the “happenings” as of late, and the reason I’ve not been on here as much.  I now understand the old phrase “There are not enough hours in the day.”  I used to roll my eyes as a kid when I’d hear “adults” say this…now I’m experiencing it myself.  I guess this means I’m an adult?  YUCK!  😉

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