See, it’s true…I did not fall over dead from excessive dog hair accumulation in my lungs that caused slow suffocation, therefore ceasing the k9.5 Blog. I am, in fact, still alive and kicking…and inhaling excessive dog hair into my lungs for an inevitable death due to suffocation. HOWEVER, for the moment I’m good (only a stray hair sneaking its way in here and there) with a few months of backlog to catch up on.

Let’s get up to date.  Since my last post (excluding the event announcements)….

1) We lost Alli. The Degenerative Myelopathy took it’s toll. She was a fighter, she was strong, and she was proud. I held her and loved her, grateful that she’d no longer fall over or lose control, only to be embarrassed and hang her head. I reminded her that she was a beautiful Queen adored by her followers, and that we’d always love her. I also lost my Brigadier. My sweet, sweet, scared boy that I adored so very much. I miss his paw reaching out to me for a hug and a kiss.

2) Amelia found a home that absolutely adores her!! Her name is now Luna, and she’s learned that counter surfing is a sure way of finding a tasty cobbler.

3) Kala was placed and then returned. The couple was very sweet and tried very hard, but poor Kala was simply devastated without the companionship of other dogs. When she was around them she lit up, but sadly would come home and turn into a stressed out recluse. I really didn’t know that she’d be so lonely and stressed out because she loves people so much…but at least now I do. She has to have a forever home with other animals.

4) Hampton went to his forever home.

5) We had 2 book sales and had a blast at our Zumbathon! Thank you to Elegant Dance Company for the Zumbathon and for all of the people who came to Zumba their paws off!

6)  Sweet, sweet Miranda had surgery to remove 3 very large lumps around her mammary glands. Sadly we learned that she has mammary gland cancer. At such a young age it’s a complete surprise, but unfortunately true. The positive side is that she has a year to a year and a half to live per the Oncologist. She will reside in our Sanctuary for the duration.

7) Will is also now in our Sanctuary. Since he’s such a special needs boy and has been with us since the beginning months of 2007, he’s now officially a k9.5 Sanctuary member.

8) New to our rescue:

Kinley, a Great Pyrenees/Lab mix;  Bogart, a Golden Retriever & something mix;  Patrick, a very handsome Pit Bull Terrier; Bonnie and Clyde , two Great Pyrenees (Bonnie is young at about 7mths old now, and Clyde is about a year or year and a half), Babe, a Pit Bull/Boston Terrier mix, and Gemma, a Great Pyrenees.

9)  We have a great weekend coming up with Dog-A-Palooza! Some very sweet girls in the Girl Scouts are earning their Silver Badge, and chose k9.5 as their project. We are so excited about this and so very impressed with the girl’s work thus far! So, come out and join us at Cleveland Park on Saturday, August 20th, Picnic Shelter #5, for a fun filled day with the dogs! Bring your furry babies, too…it’s free! Check out the information on our website or Facebook:

10) Poor Keely has to have cruciate surgery. One of the most expensive orthopedic surgeries, we are now currently scrounging to make sure it’s taken care of so that she’ll be out of pain.

11) PATRICK NEEDS A FOSTER HOME! He’s currently in boarding but we really want him to be in foster care. He’s SUCH a love! The foster needs to have Patrick as an only dog or with a female dog.

12) I have been working an additional job, hence the slack in blog posts. I’m enjoying it, but it’s  starting from the ground up for an up and coming board game that just literally hit the market (, so it’s taken a great deal of my time. It’s toning up both my creative side and my intellectual side (or perhaps stimulating a little intelligence, I’m not quite sure).

13) Sir Lancelot is doing GREAT since his ear surgery!!!! He looks so adorable without his little ear flap and is as happy as a pig in mud. We’ll get the heartworm test redone and treat him if he’s still positive.

14) “HealthSource of Greenville” was so good to k9.5…they did a dog food drive for us! It was so kind and thoughtful of them to be so generous. We were so surprised and touched. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to them and those who donated!

15)  Dublin found a home! He is loved, loved, loved and has his own little girl and boy now. Apparently, he’s the talk of the town and sopping up all the attention.

16)  I’m begging…we need foster homes. I can’t begin to tell you how much it will affect your life and how you’ll grow. Please, please, please find it in your heart to help an unwanted dog find life again. It’s extremely rewarding and will touch you to the core.

17) I miss blogging! Gosh I have so much more to talk about and drafts galore. Darn work.

18)  I’m certain that I’ve forgotten something. However, it’s in the wee hours of the morning, so I must conclude this post and come back for more later.

Watch out world…I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!


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