This is an American Pit Bull Terrier. This is Patrick.

Patrick lived for 2 months in a shelter because the staff was enamored by his charm. They did everything they could to avoid euthanasia.

We begged and pleaded, hoping there was someone to pull Patrick or even adopt him. Everyone was full, including us, or not looking for a Pit Bull.

The day of his euthanasia, by chance we thought we had found a foster home. We did not.

However, those few hours turned into a blessing because we were granted kennel space for him by a very kind man who agreed to help save his life.

Since, Patrick has been in boarding for 5 1/2 weeks.

Daily the staff let him out to play, plus potty breaks. They dote on him, play with him, and accept his kisses and goofy antics. They rant and rave at his happy demeanor and carry on about how much they adore him.

Patrick waits. He sits and waits for the day that someone will love him enough to bring him home, give him a bed, and let him snuggle as close as he can get. You see, that’s what Patrick loves to do.

Yet Patrick’s story isn’t sad enough. He’s not been abused, he’s not injured, and he’s not sick. He’s not handicapped, and he’s not sitting in the back of his kennel afraid. He’s not eaten up with mange…his coat is gorgeous. He’s not malnourished…he’s strong and lean. He’s not depressed…he’s happy, affectionate, and welcomes change with a smile. He’s not confused, tormented, or wimpering…he’s intelligent, proud, and adventurous. He just isn’t sure about felines. He’s a Pit Bull with a boring history.

It’s because of this that he sits and waits. He sleeps by himself because he’s simply a stray that ended up in a shelter without a story to tell.

Yet what is forgotten is that Patrick is alone. Despite the people that are kind to him, the people that love him as they work through the day, the people that want him safe…he’s alone. He has no house with a bed, no yard of his very own, and nobody to curl up on the couch with while watching Animal Planet. He doesn’t get to run errands with his favorite human with the car windows down, go on hikes, or take trips to Petsmart. He doesn’t get to visit Grandma on occasion or visit his best canine buddy. Instead, he walks into his run every night and lies down. Alone.

His story is plain and lacks in dramatics…yet it’s incredibly sad.

The aura can only be understood when you’re with him. His heart is felt when your put your arms around him…strong and forgiving. It’s kind. There are great things waiting for Patrick…but he has to get there first.

Patrick is a Pit Bull. Patrick is our rescue that we promised to keep safe, loved and protected. Our Pit Bull that we committed to finding a family.

Help us spread the word about this fantastic love. Show his smile to those you know, and ask them to do the same. Let’s find that sofa for Patrick to sleep on while his mommy or daddy work through the day. Let’s match Patrick with a heart as big as his own.

THIS is Patrick.


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