Certainly not Three’s a Crowd, that’s for sure…not when it’s white fluffy snuggle muffins with big brown eyes.

Within 3 weeks we had 3 emails about 3 babies, all in 1 shelter. Shortly thereafter we had 3 new Pyr-a-Puppers in k9.5.

Let me introduce you to Bryson, Ben and Holly, the aforementioned snuggle muffins.

But first, let me just say this…

People are stupid.

I say this because 2 of these babies had definite owners. Obviously the third had an idiot owner, as well, who didn’t care for him properly or he’d of not been in the current state of affairs. Nobody, not one of them, gave a donkey snort. Therefore, they qualify as stupid with no probation. Trust me…you’ll agree.

Aaaand ON we move from my poor attitude toward the *bleep, bleep* that lacked in heart and emotion to the smooch-a-licious snouts of Bryson, Ben and Holly. Again, trust me…super smooch-a-licious.

Bryson came first. With his funny little white spotted eye, he coughed his heart out as he began his journey with k9.5 Rescue. Heartworm positive with a malnurished and poor conditioned coat, he was quiet and gentle. His face was that of a sweet little boy who was grateful to be safe again. You could see his thank yous via his expressive eyes. A week or so later he was past his yucky cold and lying in the hall next to his new buddies. I have to say that Bryson is one of the most well behaved dogs I’ve ever had in rescue. He has the cutest little smile, too…he goes all adorable and charming on you, and instantly you find yourself hugging and smooching him excessively.

Then came Ben. Big, scardy cat, obviously been tortured, Ben. When I picked him up, he walked out of the door and hung his head. His skin was inflamed, his elbows were swollen and bleeding, and his leg hair, ear hair, and the underside areas that should have hair were nonexistent. His coat was in poor shape, short, and he was covered in yeast and infection. He had old ear hematomas and yet another ear infection (in both ears) and fleas and ticks all over him. Whenever I moved he lowered his head, and if I moved my hand higher than a certain level, or had my camera, a pen, etc., in my hand, he cowered down and hid his head. Ben’s previous owner ID’d him at the shelter. Ben’s previous owner never came back for him. Ben’s loser of a human allowed Ben to become sick and in this terrible condition. At first I thought he was a jerk for leaving him behind…until I saw Ben. Then I was grateful that he did.

He’s got the eyes and expressions of a little old man but in the body of a young boy. It’s sad, really.

Ben is on 3 medications and an antihistamine. He’s had a medicated bath and looks better than he did the day I picked him up…but he has a long way to go. He is so very afraid, yet he absorbs hugs and kisses, giving you the “Pyr Paw” when he wants more. I’ve not had one this frightened in a while…but he’s precious and longing for love. He was so afraid during his bath, but despite he did so very well. I don’t know what torment he endured, but I’ve said many explicatives in regard to the previous human…and I’m sure I will do so for quite some time.

Lastly, Holly was a victim of a cruelty case. I don’t know what happened to her, but she had 3 other dogs with her that were taken into custody. Thankfully she (nor they) will never have to face any sort of cruelty again.

She was running a fever and coughing when I picked her up from the shelter, obviously feeling terrible. Yet she snuggled her head into me and laid her head on doc’s lap during the examination. She has a golf ball sized mass that hangs waaaay down from her mammary gland, so surgery and lab work are the next step following her “flu” recovery in hopes of determining what the heck its pendulum self may be…I’m praying it’s not mammary gland cancer.

Her face is petite and is very lady like. She’s obviously had many a litter of pups, and her poor little body is stretched in all sort of directions. She’s got a lovely heart, and you can tell she’s grateful to be around people who enjoy her company. Sweet Holly is a divine little girl that we hope will be back on her feet soon. Please keep her in your prayers that she does not have cancer.

More pictures to come on our Facebook page shortly, so be prepared to fall in love with one or all.

Told you that you’d agree. 😉

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