Well, today I’m finally settling in a bit after a rather crazy 7 days.  A few unexpected events took place, so it’s been a little hectic.  One was Katie, a little 9 week old puppy that a friend found in a knocked over trashcan in a park.  This was her shelter, and in fact a smart move for a little baby.  At 12 pounds she didn’t have much going for her in the spitting snow and freezing temperatures, and it was hard knowing she was alone, in the cold, with no food or water.  This park is sadly a dumping ground for animals, and Katie is one of many that have been found, fending for themselves, not knowing why they were abandoned. 

So, she’s safe and warm now, dewormed and had her first vaccine.  She is the cutest little thing, not to mention a little spitfire!  I’m amazed at her intelligence and such a young age…I think she surpasses many humans I know. 😉  She’s alert and lively, curious and fearless, and down right cute as a button.   Bless her heart…she has a big head.  Bigger than the rest of her body, I’d venture to say.  She’s so adorable, though, and I’m certain will grow into that noggin of hers.  😀  I just love her…and you just can’t  help but smooch on that little face!


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